Dog caught travelling with out a ticket at Banbury Railway station.

The staff at Banbury Railway Station got a surprise this morning when Lexi got off the train with no owner & they took to social media to find out who she was & why she was travelling alone!
Volunteers from Doglost Oxfordshire were soon alerted & Area Volunteer Sarah set off to the station with her microchip scanner in hand.  When it became evident that Lexi came from High Wycome area volunteers from Doglost Buckinghamshire were alerted & Area Volunteer Nicky set of the the station to look for Lexi’s owner!
Thankfully Lexi’s microchip details are up to date & contained a contact number for Lexi’s owner who was thrilled to hear from Nicky that she was safe. Next came working out how to get Lexi home! Railway staff were quick to help with this, organising train travel for her owner to collect her!

Lisa P Volunteer
Regional Co-ordinator, Central Region

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    Jacqueline Roxby-Brown 2 years ago

    Proves that dogs can be adventurous! Well Done To The Train Staff + The Passengers For Keeping Her Safe!

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