Delivery driver’s finger ripped off in horrific dog attack.


A delivery driver was left in excruciating pain after a dog bit her finger off as she pushed a ‘missed collection’ notification through a letterbox. The postwoman had the last knuckle of her middle finger torn off when the dog chomped her as she pushed the card through the opening.

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    patlucky 3 years ago

    To be honest I thought post people were taught NOT to put fingers through the letter box.

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    Sue Smith 3 years ago

    Poor lady. I deliver local magazines & the number of times they have suddenly been snatched from my fingers by a resident dog lurking quietly behind the door! I’m sure it’s something they sit waiting for in eager anticipation. Trouble is with some letter boxes they can be very difficult to post through with all the draught excluder so outside postboxes are very welcome.

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