December – Volunteer of the Month

I am delighted to award this month’s volunteer of the month award to Shelley Page, a co-ordinator in the North West region. Shelley works incredibly hard to help get the dogs home whilst running her own business and looking after her family (yes, that includes the dogs & cats)!

Here’s what her local team had to say:

Shelley is one of the most amazing women I’ve come across. She works from the bottom of her heart and has an incredible passion for helping animals and their owners, always going above and beyond for them.

She is beautiful, both inside and out, and often makes you laugh with her stereotypical blonde one liners. It is an honour to call her a friend and if everyone had a Shelley in their team, then the world would be a better place.

Love you lots Shelley and thank you for your hard work, passion and dedication, this award is truly deserved! xx

Jay Chambers

I have known Shelley since June 2011, when Kim (ID: 31436) went missing from Radcliffe, Manchester.

Shelley, over the years, you have and still are proving to be a valued member of the DogLost North West team. It is great to see that you, Claire and Jay can meet up regularly, which is something that not all co-ordinators get to do.

We don’t have as much time now to have our chats, as we are all so busy and there are not enough hours in the day. You are always there when needed and a brilliant support to owners whilst in their search for their four-legged friends.

Times are hard now, juggling home, work and DogLost; you have had your fair share of sad times. Great to see the photos of your ever growing, gorgeous four-legged family. Also sharing the fab, talented work, you do.

Shelley it is an honour to know you and this award is very well deserved. Hope your leg injury recovers soon and you are able to skip around once more. Keep up the great work.

Jan Major

For the DogLost volunteer of the month award, I’d like to nominate Shelley Page, she has gone above and beyond for owners of lost dogs in the last few months, giving advice to owners and helping to reunite their much loved pets.

Sometimes, unfortunately, some of the pets don’t make it home and Shelley is always on hand to offer a shoulder to cry on.

All of this has been done whilst her husband was battling double pneumonia and septicaemia! Luckily, he’s now on the mend.

Recently, whilst out searching for a dog that had swam across a river, Shelley slipped and broke her leg…. she’s been dealt a bad hand over the last few months and truly deserves a bit of luck.

She really has got a heart of gold and this is why I feel she should be handed the volunteer of the month award!

Sam Henry

My very first memory of Shelley, is maybe 10 years or so ago, and it was through our mutual love of dogs. Shelley was with Harvey’s Army at the time, and I always admired her hard work, determination and dedication.

I didn’t know her personally back then, just Facebook friends, but I knew she was very passionate about helping missing pets and their owners. I remember us asking if she would think about joining the DogLost team officially, but at that time, Shelley was happy as she was, working alongside everyone.

Myself and the lovely late Jan Lancashire spoke again about Shelley a year or two later, and we asked her again. This time she said yes, and we were over the moon!

Shelley joined as an Area Volunteer to start with, but soon got her North West Co-ordinator badge. She goes above and beyond every time, giving 100%, there is a lot you don’t see with Shelley, she just gets on with it.

In fact, whilst out helping an owner and her dog a couple of weeks back, Shelley had a fall and ended up in A&E! First we heard she was even out helping someone was when myself and Jay got a message from her to say she was in hospital! She has now got her leg in a cast, and will have for a few more weeks yet…anything to get out of making the Christmas dinner!

2020 has been a tough year for everyone as we know, and without going into details, Shelley has had her fair share of ups and downs along the way. But no matter what she has going on, she is always there for you. She has been there for the NW team as a whole, and to each of us individually if we have needed it.

For those that know her personally, you’ll know she’s extremely funny; there’s never a dull moment with Shelley around, she’s kind, beautiful, and has a heart of gold, she’s very dizzy, but she’s also very talented!

During lockdown she picked up some pencils and started drawing, her work is amazing!

Shelley decided to take a little break from DogLost recently to spend some quality time with her family, her 5 beautiful dogs and 5 crazy cats! Hopefully she will be back next year at some point, as I am missing my little road trips with her!

Whatever she does, I know I’ve got a friend for life 💜

Thank you for being the best friend Shelley, I, (and I know I speak for others) wouldn’t have got through this year without you. We all love you lots! xxx

Claire Gresty

I would like to nominate Shelley Page for volunteer of the month, in appreciation of her hard work and dedication to her role.

Shelley is brilliant when supporting owners to find their beloved pets.

Despite having so much going on in her own life, Shelley regularly goes above and beyond to reunite families with their four-legged friends.

On behalf of the North West team and all the owners you have helped and will continue to help, thank you Shelley! xx

Gemma Hardbarker


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