Daughter, 7, distraught after family pet decapitated in Folkestone

Warning to cat owners in Kent.

A cat has been found decapitated on the doorstep of a Folkestone home.

The grim discovery was made on Wednesday morning (July 31) in Grimston Avenue.

The loss of the family pet Forest has left the Floydd-Smith’s determined to find out what happened to their beloved feline.

Kate Floydd-Smith, who lives in Westbrook Drive in the Bellway West End Quarter development, had been on a family holiday in Portugal when she received the devastating call from her vet to tell her Forest had died.

She explained: “My goddaughter had been house sitting for us. She had put him out on Tuesday night but he didn’t come in on Wednesday morning.

“This made her suspicious so she put it all over the internet but nothing came back.

“We then found out that on that morning, a neighbour had come out of her house at 5.30am and the cat wasn’t there but when she left for work at 8am, the cat was on her doorstep.

“The lady called the police and the RSPCA as it didn’t have a head.”

The cat was taken to Hythe Vet Centre by the RSPCA where it was examined.

It’s microchip showed it was Forest who had just been reported missing.

As the family returned home from holiday on Sunday (August 4), it was not until yesterday that they learnt the full circumstances of Forest’s injuries.

Mrs Floydd-Smith said the vet told her Forest had been swung around by the tail and his head had been removed with a “sharp incision” as it was a clean cut.

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  1. Avatar
    nickyb 1 year ago

    this leaves me speechless

  2. Avatar
    Sandra Brown 1 year ago

    This is shocking! What kind of monster would do this?? I hope they get to the bottom of it and catch this evil person. On another note I do not understand why anyone would put their cat out at night, it’s not safe and if anything goes wrong you would be in bed asleep with the doors locked.

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