Damian and Marley update.

Today we are updating on Marley and his owner Damian.
Marley is doing great and bouncing back, his owner Damian has kept his vet appointment and all the fees have been covered through your donations.
Marley is now covered by Hope, run by Dogs Trust for free veterinary care.  Hope is a charitable organisation for people and animals like Marley.
As you all know we keep in touch regularly with Marley to make sure his welfare is up to standard, and I’m pleased to announce he is in fantastic health.
With all good news there also comes some sad news, speaking to Damian yesterday, both Marley and Damian are both homeless again through no fault of their own, the temporary accommodation they were staying in sadly fell into financial difficulties and had to close.  Leaving Damian and Marley on the streets again. As an animal rescue we will continue to support them both, through these difficult times, what is apparent is the effect this has had on Damian himself, whose esteem is at an all time low.
We plan to meet Marley again over the next few days, and hopefully lift their spirits a little with some doggy gifts from the remaining donations.
We’re so sorry to report such sad news and are thinking of both Marley and Damian and hoping this is just a temporary set back.
Wayne may


  1. Avatar
    nicky brooks 3 years ago

    so sad nobody can offer them a home together. i love adore and help dogs, but dont feel same about people, but isnt there anyone out there who could help them together? i try to imagine what its like to be homeless……….. it is so so horrible

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    Adrianne 3 years ago

    I am so sorry that they have lost their home again. Nobody should have to sleep on the streets. Please somebody give them a chance to have a home together. Thank you

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