Daisy reunited after 2 years

Family statement:

Daisy is home!!! What an amazing way to end 2019!!!! She was found running around the main road between Newburgh and Burscough on 30th December. A lovely couple collected her up and took her to Parbold vets where she was scanned and as a result of her chip returned to us!! She is fine and happy, obviously been kept outside but healthy. We are overjoyed, as is she!! A huge thank you to everyone who has helped us in this really difficult time, you really are all amazingly kind people!!

Daisy has been right under our noses … only a couple of miles away for the last two years… Molly can’t be far away. Please keep an eye out for her… she will be 2 and a half now. She has a distinctive heart shape on her right side and a white flash down her face.

Daisy’s story

Molly’s story 


  1. Avatar
    Ruth Boyes 1 year ago

    Wonderful news ! xx

  2. Avatar
    J mason 1 year ago

    Great news. Just goes to show you should never give up hope xxxx

  3. Avatar
    Hilary 1 year ago

    Thrilled to bits for you. It’s absolutely wonderful news and shows the great benefit of micro-chipping. Happy New Year. Now to get Molly home. 🐾🐕

  4. Avatar
    Fiona Miller 1 year ago

    Good heart warming news x

  5. Avatar
    Moya Cheeseman 1 year ago

    Wonderful news, so very happy for you and Daisy. Gives me great hope that our Jack Russell called Chips will be returned to us soon, he has been missing almost one year! Good luck with Molly also. Love 🙏🐶

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    Vanessa. Layton 1 year ago

    How wonderful she is home ❤️

  7. Avatar
    Vanessa Clayton 1 year ago

    How wonderful she is home ❤️

  8. Avatar
    kiri taylor 1 year ago

    Wonderful news

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