Dad uses JCB digger to rescue dog trapped underground for 30 hours.

This is the moment a deaf missing dog was reunited with its owner after being stuck down a rabbit hole for 30 hours. Cocker spaniel Dizzy disappeared during a walk with Duncan Flowers in Burlish Top, Worcestershire, on Sunday. Mr Flowers, 54, put out an appeal on social media and was overwhelmed when a group of 70 people turned out with torches to help search for his pet until after midnight. After having no joy Mr Flowers almost gave up hope of finding Dizzy and decided to return to the spot where she went missing. He noticed a rabbit hole in a nearby field and, on the off chance she might be underneath, phoned a friend who arrived with a JCB digger. He was stunned when the ten-year-old dog ‘popped up out of nowhere’

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