Crowdfunding by Roz Pearce for DogLost Central (East & West Midlands)

Coco is a chocolate-coloured, female Sprocker Spaniel and on the 1st October 2020, she was tragically stolen from the car park near Windermere Road Playing Fields.

Upon hearing this news, DogLost Central sprung into action, they spent numerous hours guiding Coco’s owners through the process and offering emotional and practical support.

This included; flooding social media with Coco’s details, organising posters and recruiting people to put them up and searching Google Earth for possible camera locations.

DogLost Central even found an expert to enhance the CCTV footage Coco’s owners had which gave them the registration of the car she was taken in, which ultimately led to them to finding her.

Every time Coco’s owners hit a ‘brick wall’, they were supported by the team and new approaches were made.

If you can donate anything to support DogLost’s efforts, even if it’s just £1, please do so here!

Coco’s DogLost page can be viewed here.

DogLost Central team: Emma Sparkes, Sarah Gale, Nicky Seal, Amanda Jones & Debbie Evans.

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