Couple spend £10,000 on hunt for dog who went missing four years ago

A desperate family has spent more than £10,000 on finding their dog after she went missing four years ago. Izzy, a fluffy blonde cockapoo, ran away from home in 2015 after being spooked by a workman setting off the alarm on February 16. Since then Dawn Purvis, 46, and her husband Ian, 48, have paid for posters, leaflets and t-shirts with Izzy’s face on them, as well as pet psychologists and mediums.

They are now offering £3,000 to anyone who can provide information that will lead to Izzy’s safe return.

‘It has been a complete nightmare for the past four years,’ Dawn, a management accountant, from Radcliffe, Manchester, said.

‘Izzy is a huge part of our family and not knowing where she is has been heartbreaking. She followed my husband everywhere and would even go to work with him as a general manager. ‘We’ve put posters and banners up everywhere, we’ve had leaflets and paid for mass emails to be sent. I have met with a pet psychologist to try and trace her footsteps. ‘I’ve met with pet mediums across the UK to find out whether they believe she’s still alive.

‘Ian and I have driven to dog shows wearing our “Find Izzy” t-shirts and have stayed overnight all over the country in a bid to try and track her down in case she had been sold to someone else.’ Mrs Purvis added that it was not the monetary value she cared about but ‘the emotional toll it has had on all of us as a family.

‘It doesn’t get any easier as time passes, we are in constant limbo and we’ve had numerous hoax calls over the years which have been devastating too,’ she said. ‘She’s still registered on DogLost UK four years on and we’re just praying for a miracle.’ Izzy ran away from home after a workman entered unexpectedly and set the alarm off.

The more he tried to catch her the more she ran, leaving the family desperate for her to return. ‘For anyone who thinks I shouldn’t still be looking for her, or even has her and doesn’t want to give her back, I would ask them to walk a day in my shoes,’ Mrs Purvis said.

‘I know it doesn’t compare to losing a child but Izzy was our baby and we love her so much. I really hope that if anyone has any information about her that they get in touch. ‘She’d be nine years old now and not a day that passes gets any easier without her.’ A spokesperson from DogLost UK said ‘We want to encourage anyone who knows what happened to Izzy or may have acquired Izzy, not knowing she was was a missing member of this family, to please get in touch with DogLost directly on 0844 800 3220. ‘Izzy is microchipped and spayed.’

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