Cooper on Lost and found Channel 4.

I remember Cooper really gave us the run around!…lots of sightings reported into admin and on Coopers page. We ended up sending out 4 different sets of alerts covering 17 London postcodes because of Coopers exploits!

read the timeline here…

When we hear the word Romanian rescue dog we all know its not going to be easy as they are so street wise and nervous of humans.

Great to see the reunion and good to see The lambeth dog warden Claire who is also a long time member of dogLost on camera demonstrating again what wonderful dedicated dog wardens we have all over the country.

Cooper did the normal thing of hiding up during the day and coming out at dawn and dusk to forage for food.

Also good to see the reconstruction of Bradey missing from Scotland and found in Manchester!

Lovely reunited photo from owner…

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