Con womans impact is still felt years later for struggling owner of dog charity.

 A story close to our own hearts as involved a lady ,Sue, who was once a doglost coordinator but due to looking after her terminally husband along with running a charity she had to step down from her role.

She still keeps in touch and a message on facebook sparked me to make contact again. Here is a lady who through no fault of her own was conned out of her money and left struggling to feed the animals in her care.

Rather than say to much I will let you read the following link which shows how this evil person stole from many others apart from K9 crusade .

I know that Sue is still struggling to pay for bills especially for her own dog in her care in her own words….

‘We talked briefly yesterday about my German Shepherd, Tara, who now has Degenerative Myelopathy and severe arthritis.

She was a difficult re home-rejected time and again. In the end I adopted her. She was fit and healthy.

I took on the dogs that now form my family, Tara included, because I had the experience, passion, love-and financial security to be responsible for them on every level.

Since the theft I live hand to mouth, but am still determined to do my best for my dogs-my family.

Tara has been to a specialist vet in Bruton, Somerset, for the most wonderful treatment for arthritis. She is pain free and happy-although obviously nothing can stop the march of DM.

I had hoped that people would help me pay her bills.

The first bill has been paid.

The second still has over £1,000 outstanding.

I have given up my life for the dogs, and I had hoped other dog lovers might have helped me through-but no. I think my reputation has taken a battering from you know who. Mud sticks. People can’t quite be sure. I could have done so much, and I am just heartbroken. Now suffering depression and anxiety. No confidence anymore.
If you can find anyone who can help, it’d be wonderful. Not holding my breath though.’

 ! find it hard to accept that there are still those who were close to the thief, who still refuse to accept-despite the huge body of evidence, and a maximum custodial sentence-that she was guilty, and Sue innocent. Sue still has a small group of people who have supported her, but she now needs more help with paying her own bills the most important being Tara who is Sues own dog so cannot use the charity money to fund her treatment.

This evil con woman may have served her time but has left Sue still serving hers in a life long legacy of heartache and destruction caused by a person that thought she was a friend and trusted her.

Any one wishing to help Sue can donate direct to her vets stating for GSD Tara ….this needs funds now.

Call vets- 01749 813291 and say donating to the bill of Tara the GSD belonging to Sue Smith

Any one wishing to help the charity can donate through the paypal link on her web site

Jane Frankland ( Doglost CJ)
Volunteer Police Liaison Coordinator


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