Come home Tank!

I remember when I first saw his gorgeous little face. My friend’s cat had 3 kittens. The most gorgeous little ragdoll kittens. 2 were sold quickly when they were old enough to leave mum but Tank was still there. I really wanted him but I worried about my other cat.

Then my friend told me someone was coming to look at him with a view to buying him. I was quite sad. The next day she posted on Facebook that they hadn’t turned up. I was so happy! I decided there and then I was having him. I was so happy and I couldn’t wait to bring him home.

Tank came home with me and I was instantly smitten. I took endless pictures and videos of him doing things that all kittens do but to me, he was the first kitten to do these things. He got on with the other animals straight away. It was meant to be.

He learned how to use the cat flap and because I lived in a tiny village I assumed he would be safe. I had the best 7 months ever.

Then on the 28th March 2019, we allowed him to use the cat flap for the first time overnight. It went really well. I left to go to my daughters for a few days leaving him with my husband. Knowing he loved him as much as I did.

Then came one of the worst days of my life. At about 4.15 am on the 30th March 2019 Tank went out of the cat flap. At 6.15 my husband got up and called him but he never came back!

I drove home and that night we walked the streets calling and calling him. I did everything I was told to by experienced people I knocked on doors. I registered him with vets, with my insurance company, and with DogLost. I printed leaflets offering a reward and posted them through doors.

He had vanished into thin air.

I then approached a pet detective. Colin and Molly the Spaniel drove all the way from Horsham to help me. But Molly failed to find any real scent. This meant only one thing. He had been stolen.

I couldn’t believe someone had done this to me. I was beside myself with grief. I cried for weeks and months. I still cry daily, even now. I hope daily too, that today is the day I get a phone call to tell me he has been found. My hope is beginning to fade. But I will always save a bit for Tank.

Remember I love you babycakes. Mummy is here waiting for you. Remember me always. I am forever broken.


Tank’s timeline:


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