Come home Kobe

Please help us find Kobe there’s a £2,000 reward for his safe return!  Call me on 07748 217800 with any information!

I have been encouraged to share my story, about trying to find Kobe.  Kobe is a Siamese Lilac Point Tabby that went missing on the 3rd of August 2019.  It was 5:30 am when my husband got up to let him out, as Kobe and Jasmine are not allowed out overnight, his GPS collar was put on and he had his breakfast and off out he went.

We constantly track them to see where they are and at approximately 2 o’clock that afternoon my husband (Simon) had said he hadn’t moved for about an hour, that was very usual, so we decide to go and find him. We were calling and calling, Kobe always comes to us when we call, he is very vocal, and he loves it when we go and find him when he’s out on his walks. His GPS tracker has lights and sound so we turned them on, we could hear it. my heart sunk. I thought he been injured. So, I ran nearer to the sound calling him, with no reply. All we found was his GPS collar which was undone. We walked around calling him, we knocked on doors and nothing.

I started joining Facebook groups, I knew something had gone wrong, currently, I’m on over 42 Facebook pages for lost pets and started posting on the Facebook sites for the local area. Facebook has blocked me 3 times now for sharing a post about Kobe.

That evening we walked around calling, still nothing.  Then the useful tips and suggestions started to come in, one of the first I received was to put the hover contents out in your garden.  Our garden is not the average size as we live very rural. So, in each corner of the garden, I was spreading the hover contents.  That evening I slept on the stairs just so that I could hear the cat-flap just hoping and praying.

The next day (with my heartbroken) we printed off posters, I started putting them up in the local vicinity to date probably about 350 and yes in the plastic sleeves, another helpful tip that we received. While putting up the posters I was talking to everyone I saw, knocking on doors. It was then suggested that I join next-door, I had that account up and running in ten minutes.

I received a lot of help from the people that live in my village contacting me through the village Facebook page. Telling me that they go riding or jogging and dog walking in the area that Kobe visits and that they would keep an eye out for him.

As I mentioned I live rurally and all we have around us is an apple orchard and raspberry fields, so being August, the orchards and fields are full of fruit pickers.  Simon goes to talk to them, they all know Kobe and Jasmine as they see them on a regular basis, so they exchange phone numbers which is great as we now have extra help.

The next job is to contact the microchip company, register him with Animal Search UK, Pets Located, the lost cat register, and DogLost.

Back out I go with the hover contents, spreading on a regular basis within a 2-mile circle around my house, I have left the litter tray outside along with dirty washing.

I’ve contacted vets with Kobe’s poster and asked them to be vigilant and to scan cats that are coming with Kobe’s description and newly registered cats.

I was also told that if I put the legwork in, I would get him back. The same lady advised walking barefooted (something to do with sweat glands in my feet) from my house to where Kobe’s collar was found, as the crow flies that’s about a mile. I understand it’s quite a long way for a cat that lives in town but not in the rural area.

So, we hired a pet detective, £1000 for the day and have to say he was a complete and utter rip-off. He was meant to come with DNA kits and certain cameras, no he arrived with just a notebook, he examined Kobe’s collar and told us that it was not damaged and that there was no saliva on the collar.  He was also meant to investigate where Kobe could’ve been sold to, he spoke to the same people I had and looked in the same places I had a week earlier.  After telling me nine times, in front of my 11-year-old son, that he was dead we asked him to leave.  A few days later I received an email from him telling me that his contact that deals with stolen pets did not know the area I lived in let alone my Persian. My reply to him was he couldn’t even get Kobe’s breed correct, what chance did you ever have a finding him.

I have advertised for Kobe on Gumtree, Preloved Pets, Pets 4 You and Freeads.  Every day I scroll through all different sites looking for him.

There have been numerous so-called sightings of Kobe but unfortunately, none of them have been him. I do remember getting my hopes up very high one day when I was told a strange cat had been visiting the area for about two weeks, the same amount of time that Kobe had been missing, it was at some allotments so off I went (it was about 45 minutes drive away), I was so confident it was him I spent the whole day down there, eventually I did see the cat in question but unfortunately (again) it wasn’t him. There’ve been many other occasions when people are confident, that they have seen Kobe, off we go racing around just to get there and have our hearts broken again.

I know Kobe is not local, but I know he is somewhere, and someone knows where.

Kobe now has a Facebook Group (Find Kobe TN15), also a page (Find Kobe Lilac Siamese Cat), a Twitter account (Find Missing Kobe TN15 @FindKobe) and Instagram (@helpfindkobe).

He has followers in the USA, Egypt, Brazil, Sweden, Spain, German and of course the UK.

Kobe’s story has been on Kent Live, Sevenoaks Chronicle, The Sunday Express, The Telegraph and The Times.


Kobe’s timeline

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