Cody missing for 10 weeks with lead attached

Lovely photo of Cody in the car on his way home…update from local co-ordinator Helen who has been instrumental with passing on details and reports of possible sightings…


Cody went missing on the 13th of December from Sheringham, Norfolk, he ran off from his owner and his lead was still attached, he was clipped by a car along the Weyborune Road.
The following day Cody was seen in Sheringham Park still with his lead attached but he was terrified and would just run from people. With a great deal of help from the locals the area was postered heavily asking people to call in the sightings and not to try and catch him.
Cody seemed to settle in a quiet area so a feeding station was set up and a trap eventually set, however there were a few shoots going on and sadly Cody moved on.
There was quite a few days that he wasn’t seen however he found another quiet place to settle and again the feeding station was set up.
Then there were no sightings of him at all for over 2 weeks, which was very worrying!
 A lady contacted us about 50 miles away saying that there was a terrified black dog been seen in the area and she was leaving food out for him, this dog still had a lead trailing from him (as did Cody). I alerted Kelly who then spoke to this lady in Marham and Kelly went over there today and managed to catch Cody with the help of some of her other dogs.
Cody had been missing since the middle of December and he certainly has traveled some miles too but thankfully he is now safe.
Read Cody’s DogLost timeline here…


  1. Jayne
    Jayne 2 years ago

    Amazing well Done Helen and Kelly!
    What a touching photo of Cody in the car!

  2. Avatar
    Emma 2 years ago

    I’m crying with joy. I’vee been following this story from day one and didn’t think there was going to be a happy ending! Over the moon to hear the news.

    1. Jayne
      Jayne 2 years ago

      Yes its brilliant news! Just shows how resilient these dogs are! Great that the lady 50 miles away contacted Helen and of course she made the connection with Cody as lead still attached…And Kelly for travelling 1 hour to check out finding him and then giving us the news we have all been praying for!

  3. Avatar
    Jules 2 years ago

    Amazing news . Well done to all especially Helen & Kelly.
    So good to have a happy ending as many not so fortunate.
    Dog lost UK are a superb organisation.

  4. Avatar
    Ann hunt 2 years ago

    Superb thought there people out there who care enough to bring a lost dog home to their owners. . XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. Avatar
    Frankie W 2 years ago

    I am so happy Cody has been caught safe and sound! Well done everyone who helped search for him. We lost our little rescue Cavapoo last May and now we always have an extra lead attached to our wrist so if we fall or lose the lead, she’s still attached to our wrist. These little souls will flee at the slightest thing that frightens them, so we’ve made sure it won’t happen again. I couldn’t go through that anguish again! So, so happy for Cody and his owner.

    1. Avatar
      lolly vincent 2 years ago

      hi, delighted re Cody, he’s from the same rescue as our little dog. can you tell me what the extra lead looks like? is it shorter? would like to do the same, thank you

  6. Avatar
    Angela P 2 years ago

    I’m so thrilled to read that Cody is home x

  7. Avatar
    Lynn Davies 2 years ago

    well done everyone who helped try and catch Cody, restores your faith in human nature, and wonderful that he can now go home and get the love he deserves.

  8. Avatar
    Lindsay 2 years ago

    Brilliant news and a great outcome.

  9. Avatar
    Emma Middleton 2 years ago

    absolutely great result..well done xxxxxxxx Cody rest up xxxxxx woo hoooooooo xxxxx

  10. Avatar
    Alan O`Brien 2 years ago

    Speechless with happiness for the animal and owner.

  11. Avatar
    Frankie W 2 years ago

    The extra lead we use is actually a handbag strap, leather, with a hook on both ends. It is quite thin but one end is hooked onto the handle of the dog’s lead, and the other made into a small noose and put over the wrist and tightened so it didn’t come off easily. That way if we fall or lose hold of the lead, it’s still attached to us, more or less, like a safety chain. Hope that’s clear.

    1. Avatar
      lolly vincent 2 years ago

      Ah thanks so much for explaining this, very kind of you.

  12. Avatar
    Sandy Beattie 2 years ago

    Brilliant news and thank you so much to Helen and all at Dodlost. I had picked up Helen’s post that Cody had been caught and reunited but had no idea he had travelled so far….Sheringham Park to Marham is a long way…..Amazing and resilient little dog. ❤

  13. Avatar
    patlucky 2 years ago

    Brilliant news.

  14. Avatar
    Stephen 2 years ago

    So happy to hear he’s back! 🙂 What a great result!

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