Coco’s miraculous story!

Coco the Bully Kutta X Mastiff got out of her home in Tilehurst, Berkshire on 12th December where she was being looked after by her owner’s mum, Sammy. 

She ran and ran; quickly going into survival mode, which meant that she ignored family members who were out searching and 2-3 times passed by but didn’t stop.

A frantic search continued through the night with locals and DogLost Berkshire volunteers joining in and advising Sammy. By the morning Coco had still not been found & so during the afternoon Sammy called Highways England and Network Rail to advise them, as Coco’s last sightings were very close to a railway line. 

It was during this latter phone call that Sammy was told that a train driver had called in to say that his train had hit a dog matching Coco’s description. Poor Sammy was devastated and asked whether Coco could possibly have survived. The response was that it was extremely unlikely . . . . so sad!!

Network Rail sent a team to search the area but were unable to find Coco. Coco’s family didn’t give up hope & continued to search & use local Facebook groups to spread the word about Coco. Then on the following day, Saturday 14th December, a lady out jogging who’d heard about Coco spotted a dog lying ‘lifeless’ by the side of the tracks. She sent a photo to Sammy & then the race was on to get to her . . . . Miraculously against all the odds she was still alive!! 

Coco has been left with severe injuries, including a fractured spine, fractured & dislocated shoulder, broken leg and damaged tail to name a few. She has received round the clock care and surgery at one of the best vets in the country. Amazingly after just 2 weeks at the vets she was able to come home and is now undergoing extensive physio with visits back to the vet every 4 days. Her doting family are giving her all the love and attention that she could possibly wish for, whilst fundraising to make sure that they can meet the vets bills which currently stand at £13K.

A fundraising page and a Facebook page has been set up for Coco to help with her ongoing treatment and so that people can follow her progress. If you have a few pennies that you can spare, please take a look . . .

Everyone at DogLost wishes Coco a speedy recovery and will remain in touch with the family to support

Thank you for reading


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