Cloda’s reunited story.

Update from Christine


I had a call from a lovely lady at 5.40 this morning saying she had Cloda at home. Her “Ring” doorbell went off in the early hours then when it went off a second time, she thought she would investigate. Lo and behold, there was Cloda on the drive! This lovely lady settled her in with her own two dogs and gave her a bit of breakfast and then called me. Cloda is a absolutely knackered (aren’t we all) and currently dozing in her basket. She seems to have a few cuts and bruises so it will be off to the vet for the once over later.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for all the effort that you wonderful people have put in to the campaign to find Cloda. You kind messages and well wishes have been truly heartwarming. All your posts, shares, word of mouth, all the dog-walkers, joggers and cyclists keeping their eyes peeled, all the enquiring, all the talking… everything that YOU have done to raise Cloda’s profile has brought her home to her Mum.

I absolutely cannot thank you all enough and there are no words of mine that can adequately express my gratitude. I will shortly be going into hospital for major surgery and I can now do so knowing that my darling girl is safe and well.

Cloda and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Love to you all. Cloda’s Mum. xxxx

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