Chow Chow’s owner isn’t impressed when her mum treats the dog to an extreme haircut

Duo Duo, a beautiful Chow Chow who lives in Yunlin City, Taiwan, was recently treated to a rather brutal haircut. Duo Duo’s owner Ting was shocked to return home and find that her mum had almost completely shaven off the pup’s fur. Four year old Duo Duo was only left with a small patch of fur on her face, making it look a little like she’s wearing a small, furry mask. Ting was devastated, particularly as she’d bought Duo Duo because she loved the floofy appearance of the iconic Chow Chow breed. With her new haircut, Duo Duo no longer has a majestic ruff of fur around her neck like a friendly lion, or a bushy tail

Ting took to social media to write: ‘I’ve just come home to find my mother has savaged my dog. She said it would be cooler this way. My poor Chow Chow.’ Ting’s mum thought that the hot summer months in Taiwan, where temperatures reach highs of 35 degrees, would be too uncomfortable for Duo Duo in her thick fur coat. While Ting was out, she took matters into her own hands and shaved the pooch almost naked.

Ting said that while she’s embarrassed by her pup’s new hairstyle, Duo Duo doesn’t seem to mind it at all. Her fur will probably take a couple of months to grow back. Sure, Duo Duo’s a bit nakey right now, but as long as she’s cool and happy, that’s the main thing.


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