Ten ways to help pets cope with fireworks

Fireworks season is one of the most stressful times of the year for our pets – and owners If your dog or cat is scared of loud noises, Guy Fawkes night on 5th November and the endless fireworks that go off before and after can be a nightmare. Where I live, bangers started in September […]

Owners urged to check their dogs’ eyes or risk them going blind

Owners are being urged to check their dogs’ eyes or risk them going blind. Dry eyes is a common condition that can lead to infections, ulcers and even eyes being removed – but only half of ­owners are aware of it. Nicole Paprotny, 30, had to have both her pet’s eyes removed after he was […]

Caring for your dog’s eye health for Dry Eye Awareness Month

We know Dry Eye is a condition that affects humans but our dogs can experience it too It’s a problem that only 45 per cent of owners are even aware of, but if it’s undetected, it can lead to blindness and even pets losing their eyes. Trendy breeds like Pugs and Bulldogs who have eyes […]