Shadow found after 45 days on a cliff with a broken leg

Gina our North West co-ordinator ( Poochpal) Had some lovely news on Sunday evening.  An over joyed owner of shadow rang with the great news shadow was home! Despite owners and Gina searching the cliffs and getting the lifeboat guys to search as well…there had been no sightings. On Sunday a couple came across Shadow  […]

Fudge’s welcome home party.

Fudge was on a walk in Finseshades Wood, Corby in late May when she bolted.  Over the course of the next few days volunteers scoured the area but there was no sign of Fudge.  A lovely lady Isobel heard of Fudge’s plight & came across to the woods with her tracker dog Fin & they […]

Dog caught travelling with out a ticket at Banbury Railway station.

The staff at Banbury Railway Station got a surprise this morning when Lexi got off the train with no owner & they took to social media to find out who she was & why she was travelling alone! Volunteers from Doglost Oxfordshire were soon alerted & Area Volunteer Sarah set off to the station with […]