Reunited savannah cat .

Well done Katie and Hazel…in Hazels words…. When I got the message that a cat was missing from Sea Mills I immediately set to work….lots of advice for the owner Laura Page and how to remain calm during such a stressful time! I didn’t appreciate the size of the cat until the photos came through […]

How Glasgow pulled together to solve a ‘dognapping’

A stolen dog has been reunited with its owners after a social media campaign brought together a Glasgow community to track down the missing pet. Six-year-old Shih Tau Bichon cross Blake was stolen from outside a shop in the Gorbals area at 21:25 on Monday. Owner Kirsteen Marshall turned to social media and launched the […]

Reunited Zena hits the press.

A missing dog has finally been found after three women decided to get creative with their search. Zena – a Bosnian rescue dog – escaped through an open door at her foster home, back in April. The news of the lost puppy reached Shelly Spiller, Amanda James and Hazel Richards – the trio behind the […]