Gary the wolf dog found on roof of his home by neighbour

A man was shocked when a neighbour rang to tell him that his dog was standing on the roof of his house. Scott Gretton had just left for work when he got a call to say his Tamaskan wolf dog Gary had escaped onto the three-foot high tiled roof at the front of his home. […]

Melodramatic dog fakes own death in walk protest

A melodramatic dog stages his own death when taken the ‘wrong way’ for his walk. Begbie throws himself to the road and lies motionless if he gets a short route around the block, rather than his usual hour-long trip around fields. Dog walker Michele Bilsland is used to this behaviour, but strangers get alarmed – […]

Study reveals the wolf within your pet dog

Wolves lead and dogs follow – but both are equally capable of working with humans, according to research that adds a new twist in the tale of how one was domesticated from the other. Dogs owe their cooperative nature to “the wolf within”, the study, of cubs raised alongside people, suggests. But in the course […]