In memory of coordinator Hazel Bingham.

Hazel known to most  by her screen name Glynafon has sadly passed away peacefully after a long illness at 4pm Sunday 19th November.  We shall always be in debt to her for the many years spent helping dogs  get reunited with their owners. …I used to call Hazel eagle eye as she had an uncanny […]

…And another volunteer of the week award goes to…

Jo -area volunteer for Somerset and founder of happy landings rescue kennels. Read the full story here of her rescuing Molly after many months of Molly avoiding capture….What a star. http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=117430#.Wg77f0pl_x4 Latest update from Jo… For the non Facebook users: Rescue success!! After the good luck with the cats the week has only got better. […]

And Volunteer of the week goes to…..

Admin helper GillyP!  Gilly has religously entered details of all found dogs by out of hour dog warden service SDK onto the doglost website over the last few years and as such has helped reunite scores of  found dogs with their owners…Amazing effort on its own… but yesterday someone spotted a dog found in Bromley […]