Volunteer of the week award goes to….

KatieF-area volunteer Somerset! Pictured above with ecstatic owners after 8 days of searching…. Well done Katie for searching during all the fireworks this week and getting a result! In Katies own words on Ludo’s Doglost timeline… Update. Ludo is home❤️🐾 I walked the Home fields squeaking my toy and calling – visiting the whole area. […]

Mollychops DogLost helper’s rescue dog through to final at Crufts

A RESCUE dog from Cirencester who was left abandoned, pregnant and very ill as a puppy has won the hearts of judges and a place at the prestigious Scruffts Family Crossbreed Dog of the Year final at next year’s Crufts.     0 comment Four year-old lurcher Primrose, owned by Susan Herbert, won the Prettiest Crossbreed Bitch class […]

Walk for Daisy

Please come along and support missing daisy’s owner on her awareness dog walk in Norwich to publicise her stolen dog. Details of route are below. Follow Daisy’s DogLost timeline here… http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=122366  

Reunited Pixie story

Pixie went missing from her home in Southmoor near Abingdon, Oxfordshire on Wednesday 17th October, despite extensive efforts to find her, there were no reported sightings.  By the weekend, concern was really growing for Pixie’s welfare, at 17 years old she suffers many ailments associated with old age & requires a specialist diet On Monday […]

Money reunited story…and photos!

A lovely update from Karen our London co-ordinator… We have to tell a story; luckily with a happy ending, but it could have been so different . . . Last week our local friendly Dog Warden, Andy, sent a photo through of a beautiful Husky dog that he’d just picked up. We didn’t recognise first off, […]

Grizzy found by search party

Well done to all the volunteers who went out to search and found Gizzy…in owners own words… “FOUND!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE he’s been FOUND!!!!! A search party of the most incredible people from all over the place went out in force, 30 of us and after 45 mins of searching Rachel and Jersy heard him bark… charged […]

Sibford dog show

Well done to Lin Warks and Oxon Co-ordinator and Val Northants and Oxon Area Volunteer for manning the stand at the Sibford dog show today…Looks very impressive ladies!…also  looks warm!

Ivy reunited photos

Ivy is an assistance dog to Matthew who is only 7 and is autistic as well as developmentally delayed , he is distraught & was not coping without her The tiny Toy Yorkie escaped on Sunday during a house move & being scared sightings were few & far between indicating that she was mostly laying […]

And another big welcome to new area volunteer for Warwickshire and Oxfordshire

Nominated by Central Co-ordinator LisaP… I am delighted to introduce Sarah Gale as an area volunteer for the Oxfordshire & Warwickshire areas Sarah lives on the Oxfordshire/Warwickshire border with her husband & 17 year old daughter and has been working hard to help lost & stolen dogs in our area with Area Co-ordinator Lin for some time. I’m delighted that she has […]

A big welcome please to new area volunteer for Oxfordshire

Nominated by central co-ordinator LisaP… I am delighted to introduce Brenda Pope as an area volunteer for the Oxfordshire area Brenda’s family has included Border Collies for around 35 years,currently she has just one called Bobby (pictured), after sadly losing her other collie last year to Epilepsy. Brenda’s life is very family orientated; she is married with 3 grown up […]

DogLost car stickers available now.

Reminder if you would like car stickers will send out 2 unless otherwise requested. Please send a stamped addressed envelope to DogLost, 30 Park Avenue, Newport, Gwent. NP20 3AP

Rags missing 7 years today

Owners appeal… Tomorrow it is 7 years since Ragsie went missing. She would now be 14. Being a terrier, she may well live another 6 or 7 years, but her friend Wenna, whom she helped to bring up, won’t, especially if she doesn’t meet Ragsie again. She has now been missing for more time than […]

Aimee found after 4 and 1/2 months living rough in London

Huge respect for the London crew for the long hours you have put into rescuing Aimee! From Karen our London co-ordinator… The beautiful Aimee, a Romanian rescue girl, was caught Thursday night by members of the DogLost London team. She had given everyone the runaround for months, but finally seemed to settle in one single location.   […]

Welcome to new Area Co-ordinator for Warwickshire!

Nominated and mentored by Central co-ordinator LisaP… “I am thrilled to introduce Lin Iddon as Area Co-ordinator for Warwickshire.  Lin is an experienced Area Volunteer & I am delighted that she has agreed to take on this role.  Lin has been an invaluable part of Doglost for many years, she lives on the Warwickshire/Oxfordshire border […]

Good news from the DogLost Cornwall team

Melo has been caught using the DogLost trap. Melo, an escaped Romanian rescue, missing from Madron, Penzance since 16th July, was captured on Saturday 29th July, after crossing several miles of fields, to end up near St Ives. She had been sighted on waste land & a trap was set. She was found in the […]