Meeting the Dorset crew!

Lovely to be invited down to meet Gina ( aka Poochpal) and her Dorset team for lunch today! And thank you Alison for taking the phones and running admin. Centre is  Jenny4 and clockwise from the dog is me,Gnasher, Rachel Hayball, Poochpal…( by the way we accosted people in the beer garden for photos with […]

Welcome new area Volunteer Nottinghamshire…..

A big welcome for new Area o-ordinator for Nottinghamshire Tracey…Proposed by LisaP Area co-ordinator Central… “I am delighted to introduce Tracey Dalton as an area volunteer for the Nottinghamshire area, also providing support in other areas of the Central Region. Tracey has been working hard to help lost & stolen dogs in our area for some time and I’m thrilled that she has agreed to […]

As promised…photos of Gnasher’s dogs.

Thank you area co-ordinator Gnasher for photographing the DogLost mural in Poole ( ref trip down memory lane tile) And as promised Bandanas were sent for her dogs…in Janices words ( aka Gnasher) Hi Jayne , A big thank you from Ozzie & Abigayle ( and me of course ) who are chuffed with their […]

Welcome to our Co-ordinator for Sherwood forest area.

Welcome to Phebe screen name Owl for stepping up to cover the Sherwood Forest area.  Phebe has been with DogLost since the very beginning and her knowledge of the area and also being a  nature  reserve warden has  been of incredible help to missing dog owners in the area. Pictured above (from the Daily Mail) […]

Volunteer of the week goes to…

Gay Pieters! screen name Tuffenuff Dobermans. Gay has for 18 months posted similar found dogs to missing Chance …and finally struck lucky …reuniting Chance with his ecstatic owners yesterday. Chance had no microchip and would never have found his owners again without gay’s dedication. A huge well done to Gay…who rightly takes her place in […]

Gotcha Alison!

A little bird told me it was your birthday! Happy Birthday Alison( Admin and Lincolnshire Co-ordinator)… from all at Doglost! Keep wondering if you will reach another birthday with all the dare devil fund raising you do for us! So after sky diving…whats coming next? Enjoy your day! Jayne

Volunteer of the week goes to…..

Linda (DogLost screen name Sable co-ordinator Scotland)…Linda is a little shy…or very canny!  and as such a photo of her lovely dog! Linda is one of our founder members and well respected by all of us at DogLost… Many years ago she started up Lost dogs Scotland…And as such has made many many contacts and […]

And volunteer of the week goes to…

Maxine. Area co-ordinator for Cornwall. Nominated by GeoffA, Regional co-ordinater Poochpal and myself amongst many. Maxine has been with us for 6 years and during that time I have heard nothing but praise from fellow helpers and owners. Maxine also recently appeared representing DogLost on Channel 4 Lost and found series. Finding dogs is in […]

Welcome Anne! New area volunteer in Central.

I am delighted to introduce Anne Haywood as an area volunteer for the West Midlands area, also providing support in other areas of the Central Region. Anne has been working hard to help lost & stolen dogs in our area for some time and I’m thrilled that she has agreed to take on this role within the Doglost team! You will see Anne on our main website doglost.co.uk posting as Anne and […]

Volunteer of the week…

Cynthia screen name Nina. Nominated by Myself for the unsung work Cynthia does behind scenes by catching up with all the latest comments (as admin don’t have time to read every post) …and sending an email to us to let us know which we need to action/bump/monitor….along with a link so we can click straight […]

And volunteer of the week goes to…

Helen East Anglia coordinator! Spent the whole day wrapped up in her doglost fleece as an invited guest to Animal Magic Dog Club at North Walsham in Norfolk. Also Helen is going to be on Radio Norfolk on Tuesday talking about the first episode of channel 4’s lost and found series featuring Sarah and Creme…cant […]

And volunteer of the week goes to…

Lesley Jones from Cheshire!    ( screen name Phoebesmum )   Lesley has been helping run the doglost FB auction page and is always making  items to sell to raise money for  DogLost. Lesley and the team from FB auction page have raised  £1,000’s to help missing dogs. Well done Lesley…and a little about  Lesley in […]

In memory of coordinator Hazel Bingham.

Hazel known to most  by her screen name Glynafon has sadly passed away peacefully after a long illness at 4pm Sunday 19th November.  We shall always be in debt to her for the many years spent helping dogs  get reunited with their owners. …I used to call Hazel eagle eye as she had an uncanny […]

…And another volunteer of the week award goes to…

Jo -area volunteer for Somerset and founder of happy landings rescue kennels. Read the full story here of her rescuing Molly after many months of Molly avoiding capture….What a star. http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=117430#.Wg77f0pl_x4 Latest update from Jo… For the non Facebook users: Rescue success!! After the good luck with the cats the week has only got better. […]

And Volunteer of the week goes to…..

Admin helper GillyP!  Gilly has religously entered details of all found dogs by out of hour dog warden service SDK onto the doglost website over the last few years and as such has helped reunite scores of  found dogs with their owners…Amazing effort on its own… but yesterday someone spotted a dog found in Bromley […]