Jaynes Journal

Gosh just pressed refresh and the whole front page of the blog has changed…Think my expression says it all!  Its getting there! a few more tweaks on colours and I want the paw prints back and the minty date of posting button…what does everyone else think? Do leave a comment with ideas…

Jaynes Journal

Gosh those fireworks are going mad in Newport tonight! Lots of missing dogs coming in …. Managed to touch base with a telecon  earlier today with Scott who is kindly going to lend his expertise re the digital side of building an online community blog…lots of good ideas coming in….Welcome to Scott.

East Anglia coordinator Helen on the radio.

Well done Helen for doing an hour slot  with presenter carol James on new radio station Smart radio giving advice on keeping your dogs save during fireworks…and of course for plugging local missing dogs! listen here time 10.15-11.15 today.

Missing Dizzee in the press today

Dizzee is featured in two local paper articles today. The Camden Journal… And the Ham High… Follow the search for Dizzee on Doglost…See how the amazing Team dizzee is helping owner…

Jaynes Journal

All set here for halloween!   As you can see work being done with developer on the blog today…so bear with us….we will get there in the end…we are going for an infinity scroll system rather than a page view system and shortly the menus should appear on the RHS along with alterations to the tile […]

heidi in the news.

Heidi and her search are featured in the Peterborough telegraph…hopefully this will bring in some sightings.   read more about Heidi and the search on their Doglost page.

jaynes journal

WOW! Some good news coming soon! A dog warden has just called after checking our data base and found a visual match  for a dog stolen in January…..She asked if we had the chip number…which we did have on record…..We  checked digit by digit…when we came to the 7th digit (out of a possible15/16) and […]

jaynes journal

Stormy weather! Please remember to check your fences when letting your dogs out in the garden…and make sure they have tags on please …am expecting a lot of dogs in this weekend reported as missing due to the high winds. Also many missing dogs already out will probably be bedding down sheltering.  Tracker dogs can […]


DogLost is preparing itself for a busy period as the fireworks season is in full swing with Diwali and Guy Fawkes. The organisation deals with hundreds of extra lost dogs at this time of year and is urging owners to follow its advice and keep dogs safe. Jayne Hayes, founder of DogLost, explained: “This is […]

barney and sam in dogs today magazine

Barney and Sam have been missing for 5 years from Ripon. Owner still looking. full details on the Doglost site.

pippilotta in dogs today magazine

Pippilotta missing since the 7th September, 2016 from lanarkshire….Have you seen her? full details on her  

Dog News

Stolen Bee,Fly and brandy in the local press. Update….13.41 …Just had a call to HQ from a person who has just seen the maroon car near Gainsborough….Have put owner in touch with sighter….