Mayhew’s Open Day 2018 Sun 13 May 2018.

Once again Mayhew charity will open its doors for the annual Open Day, sponsored by Lily’s Kitchen and ProtectaPet, on Sunday 13th May 2018. From 11am to 4pm, join the street party at Mayhew, Kensal Green, London and enjoy a unique look behind the scenes. You can visit the Cattery and meet the occupants waiting […]

Warning for dog walkers in the Wirral.

Dog owners have been warned to keep their dogs away from potentially deadly palm oil ‘fatbergs’ that have been washing up on the UK’s beaches from a 26-year-old ship wreck. The waxy blobs look like candle wax, emit a putrid diesel scent and can carry germs dangerous to health. Some of the fatbergs have been […]

Holly featured in the Metro.

Charlton residents are being urged to keep their eyes peeled for an injured Bichon Frise who has been missing since February. After being rescued from a puppy farm, “timid” Holly was given to a new family in Charlton, but disappeared three weeks later. Her owners have been searching for her ever since with no luck […]

DogLost on TV tonight.

Helen our East Anglia co-ordinator is on tonights ITV news  Anglia at 6pm. If anyone sees can they send a link to us please?

DogLost featured in the Cambridgeshire news.

How an army of dog lovers is tackling Cambridgeshire’s stolen dogs epidemic With some designer breeds fetching more than £1,000 dog theft is an increasing problem in Cambridgeshire. A small army of volunteers are on a mission to track down Cambridgeshire’s lost and stolen dogs. Having your pet stolen is a dog lover’s worst nightmare, […]

Daisy featured in the Eastern Daily Press.

More than 50 dogs have been stolen in Norfolk and Suffolk over the past two years, with labradors proving to be the most sought after breeds by thieves. Figures from Norfolk Police reveal that 29 dogs were reported as stolen in the county in 2017 – more than double the number taken in 2016. Across […]

RSPCA call for help.

A Staffordshire bull terrier named Magic was so thin he was mistaken for a plastic bag when he was found after being dumped. The four-year-old terrier cross was found on the side of a single track lane in Middlesbrough by a passerby. The passerby initially thought that Magic was a plastic bag however he soon […]

7 Reasons Why Labrador Retrievers Make Great Family Pets

  The different dog breeds are so different to each other because most of them were bred to play a specific role, like to hunt or to search for certain animals. This is why parents who are looking for a pet for their kids should choose the right breed that is perfect for the role […]

Luna and Lola and DogLost featured in The Wigan Post.

Fiona Monger, Wigan and Leigh coordinator for Dog Lost UK, says at least seven dogs have been stolen from Wigan in the last few weeks, including two pedigrees being snatched within days of each other last week. Her warning came after the Post recently revealed that the town’s police officers saw a 66 per cent […]

The Pawpost features DogLost.

It’s Lost Dog Awareness Day in America today and something we need to be aware of every day. A recent report by Direct Line insurance found five dogs a day are stolen in the UK and only one recovered. It’s what inspired me to set up DogLost after it happened to my own dog Hermes […]

Paul O’Grady’s dog Olga dies.

The Cairn terrier cross had starred in her owner’s radio and TV shows and died on Saturday, according to the Sunday Mirror. ‘She was ready to go. At least I will have a good night’s sleep now. I have been up with her for two nights on the sofa. She’s been up in the night […]

Drogo in the Daily mail.

The Grrreat Escape: Runaway pet dog Drogo defies all efforts to catch him… including a sirloin steak, sardine-baited cages and a ‘honey trap’ bitch in heat as he remains on the loose seven months later German Shepherd cross Drogo fled while on a walk with his owner in September He has been multiple times in […]

Man jailed for slitting dogs throat.

 A man who slit his dog’s throat with a carving knife during a heated row with his girlfriend has been jailed. David Owen, 40, held Staffordshire Bull Terrier Lexi’s muzzle as he took the blade to her throat, which left a deep wound that would have been fatal had it been just one millimetre deeper. The dog was […]

Maisy’s teddy bear picnic!

Maisy’s teddy bear picnic! Vets who feared huge St Bernard dog had cancer find the sick pet had actually chewed up FOUR soft toys Eight-year-old Maisy had the soft toys removed and is now recovering at home A CT scan showed she had an unusually full stomach and a mass on her spleen The dog […]

Three abandoned fox cubs adopted by farmer’s dog

A farmer’s dog has adopted three fox cubs as her own. Mark Bucknell says he found the animals about a month ago abandoned behind some straw bales in a shed at his farm near Newquay, Cornwall. He took them inside thinking they were his spaniel Ruby’s puppies as she had already started producing milk and […]

Local MP visits Leigh cats and dogs home.

Yesterday a meeting took place with Jo Platt MP and lcdh and a representative of DogLost…. We are so pleased that Jo Platt agrees that dog theft should be a crime in its own right and that she agrees that Dog theft should carry a higher sentence. We at DogLost look forward to jo platt […]

Stolen poppy in the press.

Claire Sutton’s children were playing in the garden and had just popped inside for a drink when their pet was snatched around 5pm. Polly’s devastated family have now put out a reward for her safe return. They are also deeply concerned for the dog’s well being because Polly relies on medication for ongoing intestinal problems. […]

Six best activity dog trackers.

As a nation of dog lovers, we knowthat keeping our pooches healthy and happy is vital. Now owners are turning to wearable technology to monitor their wellness. Just like human activity trackers, these collar gadgets show how much time they spend walking, running and playing, as well as sleep quality, while some use GPS to show where exactly […]

Warning after 2 dogs were left in cars today.

Animal welfare officers have cautioned two people in Stroud today for leaving dogs in cars during a heatwave. A black, thick-coated German Spitz was left in its owner’s car for more than an hour in a Stroud car park. When Stroud District Council animal welfare officers arrived, the temperature recorded inside the car was 32.5 […]