Tarkas rescue.

For those not on FB here is the story posted by  Dogs$Rescues… Today was our day! Long story short and one of the soppiest posts ever. It started with a dawn check of the camera only to look at over 200 images of foxes, cats, horses etc – no Tarka. No sightings and many fields […]

More smiley dogs from The Daily Mail.

 More from the daily mail… Daily Mail readers have flooded us with smiley snaps of their furry friends after we published Seb the smiling shiba inu’s story on Tuesday Sunny Sam: This 18-month-old poodle from Beverley, East Yorkshire, is almost blind but loves to play Fab four-year-olds: Cockerpoo Ralph and shiba inu Nico, from Pontypridd […]

Stolen Bella and Chopper featured in the Bournemouth Echo.

THREE desperate dog owners are appealing for help to find pets that have gone missing across Dorset and the New Forest. A female French bulldog puppy called Bella has also gone missing in the New Forest. Bella was visiting the Beaulieu Motor Museum on Sunday, April 1, with her owners from Kent who were in the area […]

Do dogs like their tummy being tickled?

When a dog rolls over, sticks four paws in the air and looks up lovingly, few can resist rubbing his belly and telling him what a good boy he is. But a dog does not want its tummy tickled when it rolls over, and probably will not enjoy it – with most having learned to […]

HQ update.

Still no internet or phones….Unfortunate to have a dropped wire on Bank holiday Friday…day 5 now …having to use a Dongle with a mind of its own and a complex new mobile phone.   Why cant a phone be a phone? I went to the shop and asked for the simplest phone…just to make and […]

Parvovirus warning.

In the wake of Alabama Rot spreading throughout the country it is now reported that another deadly dog disease, parvovirus, is sweeping across parts of the UK. It is the second deadly animal disease which is currently being reported across the country, with fresh warnings for dog owners to be on high alert. Alabama Rot has also […]

Is this the smiliest dog in the world?

A dog dubbed the smiliest in the world because of his big cheesy grin is such a hit that he gets stopped for selfies every time he goes for a walk. Twenty month old Seb has won an army of admirers  for his gorgeous grin as he smirks away dozens of times a day. The […]

A trip down memory Lane…

Anyone remember these? Nina Camplin I am the artist who painted these dog murals as part of my fine art degree, they were painted in 2006, working with DogLost to highlight the disappearance of local dogs in the Poole and Bournemouth area. These life size representations of individual dogs were painted onto street walls alongside […]

Search organised for Rio.

Can you help? Group search organised for Rio on Wednesday the 4th of April. Meeting point – Winterton Beach Car Park. Time 10.30am Read more here…

Lexi missing 1 year today.

Please remember Missing Lexi and share…missing 1 year today and owners still looking. DogLost timeline here ( with link to FB page)

Lottie missing 3 years today.

Lottie went missing 3 years ago during a walk in Bute Park, Cardiff. Owners still desperately looking. ..Read Lotties DogLost timeline here…


Unfortunately although it sounds like the telephone line at HQ is ringing, it is actually not working because of a problem with Sky.   This also means no internet at the moment but Jayne is making every effort possible to get this situation resolved ASAP

Injured Duke is home.

Cross posted with permission by Chops Carter… So Duke is cool beans 🙂 He was found this afternoon after there was another sighting and his dad Stuart raced over there while Adele kept watch and Kaylie (his aunt) got a taxi over there. IAATA work with whoever to get whatever animal home, but I’m so […]

Dachshund brought back to life.

A beloved family dog has miraculously been brought back to life after she was rushed to the vet following a seizure. Portia, a 10-year-old dachshund, had dilated pupils, a blue tongue and her heart stopped beating by the time she reached the surgery in Brisbane. Just two weeks earlier the pooch had been bitten by a […]

Update on China.

From China’s facebook page…. Some BRILLIANT NEWS (but he’s not home yet!) and some FRUSTRATING NEWS 🐾 😀 OUR BRILLIANT NEWS: A delay in posting as a lot has been going on and we were hoping to get some footage of China. Over the weekend one of the Team was able to spend over an […]

Tess found 125 miles away.

Tess went missing on the 17th March from Ludlow. Yesterday her delighted owners got a call from a vets in Leigh with the news they had her. Tess had been left tied up outside a site and is now safely home. She is a little subdued and has some puncture marks and is missing a […]

Cat dragged off by 2 dogs…

A Wigan woman is appealing for answers after two dogs broke through her garden fence and dragged her cat away. The plea from Hindley Green resident, Julie Barlow, is also being backed by animal charity, Cats Protection Atherton & Wigan who originally homed the cat. The distraught pet owner has been searching for her Tortoiseshell […]

Welsh dog in final of worlds ugliest dog.

A toothless and almost hairless dog from Wales is officially the third ugliest dog in the world. Chase, a 14-year-old Chinese crested mix, who lives with his owner Storm Shayler, 49, in Cimla, won bronze in the 2017 World’s Ugliest Dog competition. What is Autism Awareness Week and how can you get involved? Despite his […]