Part of animal electric shock collar ban challenged.

A campaigner who opposes part of a ban on electric shock collars for dogs and cats in Wales has repeated calls to allow limited use to stop animals from straying. Monima O’Connor has been campaigning for containment sensing collars to be removed from the ban introduced by the Welsh Government eight years ago. Scotland is introducing […]

Killingholme 4Paws kennels raid ‘dogs missing’

A dog owner has told how his pet has been “missing” for more than two months since the RSPCA raided kennels in North Lincolnshire. Gavin Hamilton said other dogs also went missing after the charity went into 4Paws Vets and Rescue Centre at Killingholme in March. The RSPCA took about 100 dogs as part of […]

Border collie rescues owner.

A real-life Lassie rescued her stricken owner after she collapsed and got tangled up in brambles. Val Smith avoided disaster when her clever border collie Bonnie acted on natural instincts and raced to get help. The 75-year-old owner had got tangled up in brambles on a walk in the woods, the Plymouth Herald reports. Val was out […]

Gizmo and lady reunited story…

Written by DogLost helper Glynis ( who did a great job!) “I am absolutely ecstatic that these beautiful dogs are back home where they belong. I would LIKE to add that they are home safe and sound but sadly ‘Lady’ is heavily pregnant by her litter brother ‘Gizmo’ at only 11 months of age and is […]

BBC Lifeline appeal for dogs for good.

Dogs for Good will feature on the BBC Lifeline Appeal on Sunday 13th May.  The film will be aired on BBC 1 at 14.15 hrs and then repeated on BBC 2 on Wednesday 16th at 13.00 hrs. Our presenter for the appeal is Chris Packham who, as a big dog-lover himself, totally understands the power of the […]

The couple who care for stricken dogs in an Indian beach town.

During a 10-year exile in India, a British couple have spent £300,000 of their own money to help stricken dogs in a beach town. Why? It was supposed to be a trip to see some of the world after taking early retirement. After spending some time in Gran Canaria, Mary and Steve Muscroft booked a […]

Dog Brings A Leaf To This Store Every Day To Buy Treats!

A dog named “Negro” is a campus resident at Diversified Technical Education Institute of Monterrey Casanare in Colombia. For the last five years, campus faculty have provided Negro with food and a place to sleep at night. One day, Negro discovered a store on campus that sold cookies and noticed the students were handing over […]

Abandoned Cockerpoo puppies.

Cockapoo puppies were found dumped and riddled with skin disease with their fur falling out. The RSPCA is appealing for help to track down the callous owners of the tiny dogs which were discovered along a bridleway in Wetherby, West Yorkshire. A horrified walker stumbled across the puppies – which are the result of breeding […]

The worlds most stylish dog.

Meet the ‘world’s most stylish dog’ who has an extensive beauty regime that has cost his doting owner a whopping £28,000. Glamourous three-year-old Afghan Hound AJ Nirvana Battle turns heads wherever he goes and has flowing locks that a model would be proud of. His owner Kevin Chan spends six to eight hours bathing his […]

What dog breed are you?

Do you ever wonder what kind of dog breed you’d be if you were a dog? Take this quiz and find out! I apparently would be a St Bernard dog! read more here…

Dog thats a fox.

Stunned woman learns £140 ‘puppy’ that never barked and hated dog food is actually a FOX The woman, only known as Ms Wang, paid £140 for what she thought was a Japanese Spitz but grew suspicious when the animal grew thick fur and a longer-than-expected tail. A pet owner was left stunned when she learned […]

20 reports of dogs left in hot cars in Wiltshire and Hampshire.

As the temperatures rose over the Bank Holidayweekend, the RSPCA took 3 calls EVERY HOUR from people concerned about dogs left in hot cars. Hampshire had the highest number of calls between Saturday 5th and Monday 7th May, with 17 reports of dogs in high temperature environments. There were three calls about similar worries in Wiltshireacross the weekend, with 217 […]

DogLost Helen on TV…

Norfolk and Suffolk co-ordinator Helen Was on ITV news last night…Well done! Watch here…

Six French bulldogs stolen at gun point.

Six French bulldog puppies stolen from a house in Rochdale were taken at gunpoint. The dogs – Don, Django, Brutus, Scarface, Savage and Queenie – were taken from a home in Rochdale, north Manchester. After a police appeal the pups, which can sell for up to £2,000 each, were found less than 24 hours later. […]

Doodoowatch: a crowdsourced solution to our cities’ dog mess minefield?

Major cities worldwide have tried and failed to cut dog fouling. Could a Cambridgeshire village’s ‘mess map’ be the answer? It is the Sisyphean task shared by cities, towns and villages around the world – indeed, anywhere where man coexists with his best friend. What to do about dog poo? Tarragona, Spain, has tried DNA testing. […]

Puppy farmer convicted.

Puppy farm “conduit” Lisa Canning who lied about the ages and medical histories of dogs she sold convicted of fraud and ordered to pay £50,000. Callous puppy dealer shows why we urgently need Lucy’s Law to ban this horrible trade Yesterday was the final day for submissions to the Government’s consultation on the sale of […]