Gorgeous doggie found close to death wandering in blistering 90 degree heat

A TERRIFIED blue-eyed dog was left wandering sunbaked streets in a T-shirt with temperatures hitting 30C. When rescuers peeled off the dog’s bright pink top, they found she was sweltering hot and with her skin almost the same colour as her designer wear. These heart-wrenching pictures show how the three year old stray needed urgent […]

Second dog in a week dies in Jersey heat

The JSPCA are urging islanders to call the police if they see a dog in a hot car, after another dog has died in Jersey. This is the second to die due to the heat within the last week. Pet owners are being warned of the dangers of keeping dogs in cars, and are also […]

Pet Theft Debate was a huge win after all!

Publisher Dogs Today/Dogs Monthly, Editor Dogs Today, MD Pet Subjects + Patron: Stolen and Missing Pet Alliance (Sampa Just had clarification from the Minister, pet theft is now definitely a category two or three crime. No mistake. We appear to have uncovered a very important and significant change to pet theft sentencing that no one […]

Stolen Snuggles reunited after 6 months by the police.

Owner Michelle is on her way to Acton police station to collect Snuggles. Last month the chip company wrote to her to request ownership transfer despite having Snuggles marked as stolen…they would not divulge the details of the  new “owner” So Wayne stepped in and made sure there was an officer assigned to the case, […]

Ministers told to toughen pet theft laws to end ‘light touch sentences’

Ministers have been urged to toughen laws around pet theft to end “light touch sentences”. Tory Ross Thomson told MPs that under current legislation dogs were treated the same as a “mobile phone or TV” and if stolen courts could merely give “a slap on the wrist”. Mr Thomson, proposing his Pets (Theft) Bill, argued […]

Great Pet Theft Debate chaos – did the dog eat the minister’s homework ?

  After a very passionate debate (click here for Hansard) where every single MP spoke eloquently in favour of much stronger penalties for pet theft, the Government response was that the law did not need strengthening as the sentence was already appropriate. But the minister consistently misquoted the current penalties for pet theft. The punishments he […]

Government won’t create new pet theft law

The government has rejected calls to change the law to deal with the theft of people’s pets. More than 106,000 people have signed a petition calling for pet theft to be made a crime in its own right, saying the current sentences do not act as a deterrent. Debating the petition, MPs expressed “outrage” at the low […]

Scooby on the Victoria Derbyshire show today.

Scooby was invited back on to the Victoria Derbyshire show as dog theft was being debated today in the houses of Parliament. Please follow Scooby’s DogLost timeline here…   Many From DogLost  attended and as soon as I have photos will put on blog….

Seven pupies rescued from tar

Seven puppies got stuck in hot tar after their mum gave birth near a construction site in India. The dog had her nine puppies close to where crews had left behind nearly-empty barrels of bitumen. The three-week-old pups were playing inside the metal containers when seven of them got stuck. Children alerted the fire service […]

Dog theft petition featured in todays Times newspaper

As Neil Varney drove from his home through the countryside towards the Stourhead estate in Wiltshire this month, he was convinced that he was being followed. In a trailer behind his SUV were a dozen gun dogs, eager for their Monday morning run. Minutes after he had parked, three of them were gone. Mr Varney […]

Train driver rescues dog from track

A dog which suffered horrendous injuries to its head after being hit by a train is on the road to recovery after the train driver picked it up and took it to the next station. Husky Sky strayed on to the track in Essex and, after being hit, was taken to Colchester station by the […]

Why we need pet theft reform.

Thank you SAMPA and dogs today Magazine for compiling this 8 page spread on why we need pet theft reform. The following link has been emailed to all MP’s ahead of Mondays debate in Parliament and they have  also been sent a hard copy. SAMPA comprises:of DogLost, Vets Get Scanning, Pet Theft Awareness & Dog […]

A cyclist was injured and 10 dogs killed in a crash in Rutland

Leicestershire Police said “a car, cyclist and a number of working dogs” collided on Whissendine Road, near Ashwell. Five dogs were killed instantly and another five were later put down by a vet, the force said. The cyclist suffered minor injuries and was taken to hospital in Leicester, while the driver of the car was […]

Animal sanctuary banned from keeping animals

A well-known animal welfare campaigner whose sanctuary was supported by Simon Cowell, Katie Price and a number of other celebrities has been banned from keeping animals. Sara Ross, 64, was found to have kept animals in appalling conditions where horses were left standing in their own faeces, cats and dogs cooped together  in a caravan and birds […]

Stolen Daisy in today’s Sun newspaper

A FAMILY has told of their devastation after their dog was plucked from their backyard in a suspected pooch-napping. Daisy the Labrador vanished eight months ago from her family’s backyard in Norfolk, with fears she was taken to be sold on the black market as a breeder. Follow Daisy’s DogLost timeline here… Read the Sun […]

UK’s best dog friendly beaches

Sizzling UK summers are less-than-idyllic for dogs, thanks to hot pavements and even hotter cars. But it’s no less than heartbreaking when some upstart council says they can’t step paw on a beach. Some dogs can only dream of chasing sticks in the surf and getting sand tangled in their fur as they frolic on […]

Dogs in hot cars and the UNBELIEVABLE excuses owners give to RSPCA

A driver shocked RSPCA inspectors after almost killing his dog by leaving the animal in a baking hot car by declaring: “It’s okay, I am a vet.” Another pet owner confronted about a dog being left to endure potentially deadly temperatures in a sweltering vehicle confessed: “It’s not like my dog’s on its own in […]