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Not all heroes wear capes – meet Ambulance Care Assistant, Kieran!

Kieran Lees works as an Ambulance Care Assistant with the Patient Transport Service, based at the Fazakerley station in Liverpool. On Christmas Day, Kieran spotted an incredibly anxious patient outside the Accident & Emergency unit of Aintree Hospital. He spoke with the patient and heard how desperate he was because he had no one to […]

Dognapping gangs targeting lone women as puppies are now worth more than drugs

Two women have reported separate incidents of suspected attempted dognappings, with one of them confronted by menacing men in a van Lone women walking puppies are being targeted by organised crime gangs as the value of their animals soars in lockdown. Pedigree breeds can fetch up to £3,500 on the black market as breeders struggle […]

Ex-burglar explains truth behind signs thieves leave at your home

Luke reveals what he knows about plastic ties and symbols thieves use to target you. People across the country have reported an increase in strange signs being left outside their homes – including plastic ties on lampposts, gates, bins and fences – with fears they are being targeted by burglary gangs. Many fear the plastic […]

Fears more dogs in Plymouth will be snatched by caninenappers

Huge demand for dogs during lockdown fuelled a rise in thefts last year – and owners fear a return of dognapping incidents. Dognapping spiked last year during lockdown and owners fear there will be yet another rise in incidents over the next few weeks. Over the last few years, as the costs of puppies and […]

Lockdown year ‘worst ever’ for dog thefts

The increased demand for dogs during lockdown has led to a significant increase in pets being stolen, with Wayne May from the organisation Dog Lost saying, “I’ve been doing this for 30 years now and 2020 was the worst ever year”. “Unfortunately, due to lockdown, people are at home more and they’re looking for companion […]

These Are The Most In Demand Breeds For Dog Thieves

The numerous national lockdowns over the last 10 months has led to more people seeking a pet dog to add to their household. As a result ‘dognapping’ rings, that aim to capitalise on the growing market for pets pooches, have robbed breeders, owners and kennels to meet demand. According to the latest research by the charity Dog Lost, the top five […]

Dog dies and another missing after getting lost in snow

A “devastated” dog owner is on the search for her missing pet, who ran off over the weekend.  On Saturday, January 23, at around 5pm, Kate Campbell took her dogs, Gizmo and Ruby, out for a walk at Brookville, near Methwold.  Ms Campbell said the pair ran into a nearby forest and quickly out of her sight.  As it grew darker and heavy snow started to fall, Ms […]

Three men arrested and 12 stolen dogs located at property in Southwick

Three man have been arrested in Southwick following the theft of two adult dogs and five puppies in Bristol. Officers and staff from Wiltshire Police’s Operation Fortitude team worked in conjunction with Avon and Somerset Police after the animals were stolen from a property in Bristol last night (27/01). Fortitude officers attended a location in […]

Could changing the law end Britain’s dog theft epidemic?

As dog thefts soar over lockdown, meet the people fighting to bring Britain’s stolen pets home. (By Ellie Brown for SWLondoner) Dog theft is a crime that is striking in its cruelty, and it is a growing problem. In the UK, five dogs are reported stolen every day. Since 2015, reports of dog theft have […]

Sam’s Big Adventure

(From Olga & Steve) Dear All, I would like to say thank to everyone helping us to find Sam and recount ordeal of 84 hours (most of which were in sub-zero) of getting him home safe. Sam slipped his collar and bolted off at 11pm on Friday. He is adult greyhound that was recently adopted […]

DogLost dogs featured in todays daily Mail

Cases of what is known as ‘dognapping’ are on the rise, with recent figures from lost and found organisation DogLost showing that thefts surged by 170 per cent in the UK last year.  The figures have been climbing for a while, but last year the booming market for ‘pandemic puppies’ — in a nation looking […]


A pet portrait artist has raised £50,000 for a homeless charity with his self-confessed “rubbish” pictures. Phil Heckels, from Worthing, West Sussex, began working under the alias Hercule Van Wolfwinkle in 2020. He drew his dog and put it on Facebook, offering paid-for commissions as a joke, but genuine requests flooded in. His trademark wonky […]

Designer UG boots for dogs.

A luxury fashion retailer for pets has a new item for dogs – tiny Uggs. Instagram seller @veryimportantpuppies released the mini boots for canines after collaborating with Australian brand UGGs. You can get a snug black pair that comes with a neon top or opt for a brown version, both trimmed with faux fur. The […]

Daisy on BBC NEWS

A campaign to find a dog stolen from a retired couple has gone viral. Cocker spaniel Daisy went missing from Hollingbourne, Kent, on Monday. Her owners, Pam, 77, and Bill Nash, 80, put out a Facebook appeal which has been shared 160,000 times. Dog thefts have surged since the first coronavirus lockdown in March. Dogs […]

Dog has no regrets after switching on a tap.

A clever dog who recently learned how to open doors wanted to try out the new trick. Shiner, a German short haired pointer, not only got into the closed bathroom, but also turned on the bath tap. Had Paige Bodden not returned in time, the rapidly-filling bathtub would’ve spilled and flooded the home. Luckily Paige […]

Dognappers get violent as price of puppies rises

The most accurate and helpful article regarding dog theft yet!! (Written by John Simpson for The Times Newspaper ) Link to on-line version: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/dognappers-get-violent-as-price-of-puppies-rises-xs8ptpx9k


A great example of how local groups can work together. On the 17th of December Sam Henry (Jonathan Howarth from Doglost) received a phone call from a friend saying that an overseas dog had escaped from a temporary home after four days of being in the UK. Jonathan contacted the family giving advice and scenting […]

Zara opens first range for pets

As humans, we like to treat ourselves. New clothes and makeup are just some of the ways we like to make ourselves feel good. But what about our pets? They deserve a gift every once in a while, and with the launch of Zara Home’s debut pet collection, there has never been a better excuse. […]