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Stolen Perthshire dogs mentioned on Good Morning Scotland

As part of a feature on dog theft, the owner of three dogs stolen in Perthshire last year tells the story of how one of them was recovered over 360 miles away in the West Midlands. Dog theft is a significant and growing problem across the UK during the pandemic and one of the stolen […]

DogLost’s first celebrity supporter dies

DogLost’s very first celebrity supporter crossed rainbow bridge on Monday. CH Soletrader Peek a Boo, known as Jilly, was Crufts Best in Show in 2013. I watched her win the Hound Group at Crufts after a hard day promoting DogLost, but it was the final when she made history as the first Petit Basset Griffon […]

Iain Duncan Smith MP on LBC

Earlier today, Iain Duncan Smith MP shared his views on tougher sentences for pet theft with Nick Ferrari on LBC. You can listen to part of his interview here: Talking to @NickFerrariLBC earlier today.2020 has seen an increase in dog thefts of 250% in some areas, and a 168% rise in searches for puppies for […]

Lockdown leads to 170% increase in dog thefts

For many dog owners, the pandemic has meant more time at home with their pets. But the demand for dogs has also led to a huge increase in thefts. The value of some breeds has tripled in the past year and criminals have been quick to cash in as Anna Youssef reports. Samantha Hatton’s 18 month old […]

Woman kicked dognapper in shin as he snatched lead from her hand

A woman kicked a dognapper in the shin after he tried to snatch her dog’s lead from her hand. Rachel Soley, 41, was ‘absolutely terrified’ after two men said ‘give me your dog’ as she walked her dog Woody on Salters Lane South in Darlington, County Durham. Officials say incidents like these are rare, but […]

Dog owner ‘broken’ after Spring Spaniels stolen

A dog owner is “absolutely broken” after his two Springer Spaniels were stolen from outside of his home.   Matthew Cullum, a farmer from Forncett, just south of Norwich, said “laws need to change” after his dogs, Bonnie and Tilly, were taken between 5pm and 6pm on Wednesday, January 27. The Springer Spaniels are working dogs, both three years old, with brown heads, white bodies and fairly small. […]

Pandemic pet demand blamed for surge in UK dog thefts

When six of Sarah’s dogs were stolen in late December, she was left reeling. But she was not alone, as increasing numbers of pet owners have experienced similar losses across Britain. “I can’t name one feeling because there was too many — I was basically shocked, upset, frightened because of how this happened,” the 35-year-old, […]

Covid sniffer dogs can detect coronavirus with 94% accuracy

Sniffer dogs can detect coronavirus in human saliva samples with 94% accuracy, according to German scientists. The dogs, which were trained at Hanover’s University of Veterinary Medicine, have been primed to pick up the ‘corona odour’ of infected cells, according to German armed forces vet Esther Schalke. Some of the pandemic-fighting pups include Filou, a […]

Family’s devastation as dog stolen from yard near Rothwell

Police are investigating A woman has spoken of her family’s heartbreak after their beloved dog was stolen from their yard near Rothwell. Amelia Brookshaw’s family’s Springer spaniel Cressy went missing from Thorpe Underwood Farm, between Harrington and Rothwell, last Thursday (January 28), and is believed to have been taken at about 2.55pm. The failed gun […]


The following dogs are featured in the DogLost column in the current issue of The Countryman’s Weekly. For further details on each dog, enter the 6 digit DogLost ID in the search box on the website: http://www.doglost.co.uk

Professional Dog Walkers Charter in the New Forest

The New Forest National Park has become one of the first to introduce a Professional Dog Walkers Charter, it builds upon the Dog Walking Code to reflect the additional responsibility in which professional dog walkers hold. All professional dog walkers that walk in the New Forest National Park are encouraged to abide by the best […]

Not all heroes wear capes – meet Ambulance Care Assistant, Kieran!

Kieran Lees works as an Ambulance Care Assistant with the Patient Transport Service, based at the Fazakerley station in Liverpool. On Christmas Day, Kieran spotted an incredibly anxious patient outside the Accident & Emergency unit of Aintree Hospital. He spoke with the patient and heard how desperate he was because he had no one to […]

Dognapping gangs targeting lone women as puppies are now worth more than drugs

Two women have reported separate incidents of suspected attempted dognappings, with one of them confronted by menacing men in a van Lone women walking puppies are being targeted by organised crime gangs as the value of their animals soars in lockdown. Pedigree breeds can fetch up to £3,500 on the black market as breeders struggle […]

Ex-burglar explains truth behind signs thieves leave at your home

Luke reveals what he knows about plastic ties and symbols thieves use to target you. People across the country have reported an increase in strange signs being left outside their homes – including plastic ties on lampposts, gates, bins and fences – with fears they are being targeted by burglary gangs. Many fear the plastic […]

Fears more dogs in Plymouth will be snatched by caninenappers

Huge demand for dogs during lockdown fuelled a rise in thefts last year – and owners fear a return of dognapping incidents. Dognapping spiked last year during lockdown and owners fear there will be yet another rise in incidents over the next few weeks. Over the last few years, as the costs of puppies and […]