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Diasy on BBC NEWS

A campaign to find a dog stolen from a retired couple has gone viral. Cocker spaniel Daisy went missing from Hollingbourne, Kent, on Monday. Her owners, Pam, 77, and Bill Nash, 80, put out a Facebook appeal which has been shared 160,000 times. Dog thefts have surged since the first coronavirus lockdown in March. Dogs […]

Dog has no regrets after switching on a tap.

A clever dog who recently learned how to open doors wanted to try out the new trick. Shiner, a German short haired pointer, not only got into the closed bathroom, but also turned on the bath tap. Had Paige Bodden not returned in time, the rapidly-filling bathtub would’ve spilled and flooded the home. Luckily Paige […]

Dognappers get violent as price of puppies rises

The most accurate and helpful article regarding dog theft yet!! (Written by John Simpson for The Times Newspaper ) Link to on-line version: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/dognappers-get-violent-as-price-of-puppies-rises-xs8ptpx9k


A great example of how local groups can work together. On the 17th of December Sam Henry (Jonathan Howarth from Doglost) received a phone call from a friend saying that an overseas dog had escaped from a temporary home after four days of being in the UK. Jonathan contacted the family giving advice and scenting […]

Zara opens first range for pets

As humans, we like to treat ourselves. New clothes and makeup are just some of the ways we like to make ourselves feel good. But what about our pets? They deserve a gift every once in a while, and with the launch of Zara Home’s debut pet collection, there has never been a better excuse. […]

Dad uses JCB digger to rescue dog trapped underground for 30 hours.

This is the moment a deaf missing dog was reunited with its owner after being stuck down a rabbit hole for 30 hours. Cocker spaniel Dizzy disappeared during a walk with Duncan Flowers in Burlish Top, Worcestershire, on Sunday. Mr Flowers, 54, put out an appeal on social media and was overwhelmed when a group […]

Can dog groomers stay open during lockdown?

Hair and beauty salons have also had to close, meaning you’ll have to wait a little longer for that haircut or manicure – but if it’s your dog that’s in need of a trim, can you still take them to the pet groomer during lockdown? And are vets open if you need them? The government […]


The following dogs are featured in the DogLost column in the current issue of The Countryman’s Weekly. For further details on each dog, enter the 6 digit DogLost ID in the search box on the website: http://www.doglost.co.uk

Dog owners ‘may be forced to break rules’ due to lack of walking spots

Local authorities are being urged to ease rules on where dogs can be walked to stop people breaking lockdown rules. Many Councils across England and Wales have introduced Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) banning dogs from certain parks, fields and beauty spots. As England enters another national lockdown and with Wales already under tier four […]

The Dachshund Gang – Online Dog Show Fundraiser

This year, a Facebook page named The Dachshund Gang, hosted an online dog show to very kindly help raise funds for two non-profit organisations: ourselves (DogLost) and Lost Dog Recovery UK South. Photos were submitted by members of the public who paid a small fee to enter their dogs into specific categories, these photos were […]

Fundraising in Memory of Janet Winskill

Many of you will know Janet Winskill (also known as Jan Lancashire), she was a DogLost co-ordinator in the North West region, that was loved by so many and brought a smile to everyone’s faces. In October 2018, she was tragically diagnosed with cancer and just 3 months later, she lost her battle against the […]

Calvin’s Story

Calvin, a red male Cockapoo went missing on the 31st December 2020, from Beverley Gardens in Hornchurch, Essex. Calvin’s owner said “My dog Calvin went missing at 12.30 (midday). We searched everywhere for him but, no joy. Someone told me to register him on the DogLost website. I did this and within minutes they had […]

Video Appeal for Maggie

Claire Gresty, a DogLost Co-ordinator for the North West region has very kindly put together a video appeal for Maggie, a tan French Bulldog who went missing on a walk on the 17th December 2020. You can view Maggie’s video on Facebook or on YouTube. Maggie’s DogLost timeline can be viewed here.

December – Volunteer of the Month

I am delighted to award this month’s volunteer of the month award to Shelley Page, a co-ordinator in the North West region. Shelley works incredibly hard to help get the dogs home whilst running her own business and looking after her family (yes, that includes the dogs & cats)! Here’s what her local team had […]

DogLost Licks Award – Lynne da Costa

On behalf of our founder, Jayne, I am delighted to award Lynne da Costa, of Remedies Rescue, with a DogLost Licks Award. Following a raid on a traveller site, a Cocker Spaniel was seized by Met Police and later handed over to Remedies Rescue. Upon receiving the Cocker, Lynne trawled through over 500 listings on […]

FernsLaw Update

MICROCHIPS: Government Consultation on dog and cat Microchipping and Scanning: Responses should be received by 17 February 2021. DEFRA: We are launching this consultation to seek your views on proposals to make cat microchipping a compulsory requirement of cat ownership in England. We are also taking this opportunity to consult on the compulsory scanning of […]

Where is Rosie? – #GetRosieHomeForXmas

Rosie, a Fox Red Labrador, has been missing from her home in the Swinton area of Greater Manchester since Tuesday 8th December 2020. On the date in question, Rosie’s owner, Elaine, let her into the garden for around 10 minutes before noticing she had disappeared. Despite extensive searching efforts in the area, there has been […]

Dog theft: Organised crime driving ‘epidemic’ of dog snatching

Demand for dogs skyrocketed in lockdown and has risen again in the run-up to Christmas. Prices have soared as a result. Organised crime is exploiting the situation by smuggling puppies from abroad and stealing dogs in the UK. Dog thefts are now believed to be at an unprecedented high, with puppies stolen for immediate sale and adults taken for forced breeding on […]

Morning Live TV Coverage

DogLost (represented by Area Co-ordinator, Karen Harding) along with Bedfordshire Police and others were featured on the BBC One show, Morning Live, yesterday morning. You can view the coverage, on BBC iPlayer here. PLEASE NOTE: This episode will be available to view for 11 months & you will need a TV license to watch it.

BBC Morning Live – Tigger

Tigger, an orange Pomeranian, will be featured, alongside his owners and Area Co-ordinator for West London, Karen Harding in an episode BBC Morning Live on Wednesday 16th December. The episode will air between 09:15 and 10:00 on BBC One and will contain interesting information. Tigger was stolen from his owner’s car in Bagshot, Surrey (GU19) […]