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HQ have just had a delivery…

The hallway is a bit blocked with heavy boxes…Yes our cards and posters have arrived! Dont they look great? Am loving the cards with different dogs on. Thanks again karen for designing them. Jayne

How adorable are these?

Kind owner of Mis Mish ( now reunited) is kindly sending us some of her hand made mini Frenchies…cant wait for them to arrive! Thank you! http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=127049

Jayne’s Journal.

Firstly welcome to new social media Helper for South Wales…Buddy! Congratulations to Dog squad Milton Keynes on their well deserved DogLost LICKS award. Attended a wordpress meeting in Cardiff on Tuesday as they had a speaker talking about GDPR the new regulations for data coming in on the 25th April….Just a few points that need […]

Jayne’s journal.

You really wont believe what I have signed up for tomorrow evening! This self confessed technophobe is going to a wordpress meeting tomorrow evening in Cardiff …where question and answer session on GDPR and  wordpress will be hosted by experts and many local techie guys/website businesses attending… Wish  them all luck with me! Jayne

Doglost Posters available shortly.

The Doglost what to do if you find a dog/Loose a  dog Posters have been ordered and will be with us shortly….Our goal is to get them up in every Vets/pet shop/rescue centre and grooming parlour in the country. We will need your help do to this…If you could put them up at any of […]

Jayne’s journal….Exciting updates.

Yesterday I went up to London to meet with Karen our West London co-ordinator ( also a graphic designer ) to view her ideas for a more recognisable logo…was very pleasantly surprised ( okay…ecstatic)  when area helper Aunt Stef turned up as well….May have her shiney  co-ordinator badge back shortly…after severe arm twisting by me! […]

Jaynes’s weekly journal.

A catch up on the week. I know each week I say what a week….But it certainly has been this week! Wonderful rescue by Scott and others of Cash and Lilah stuck in a dangerous place on the mountain…and amazing coverage in the media…even hit as far as Brazil and China! Pup our rescue dog […]

Jayne’s Journal.

Another busy week at HQ! Wonderful coverage yesterday on The Victoria Derbyshire show on BBC2. If you missed it see here… http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05xwfv0 Debbie Matthews (vetsgetscanning, SAMPA and a well valued helper on DogLost)  did a great job of highlighting the problem…and as soon as it had been on we were inundated with local radio stations […]

Jayne’s Journal.

What a week! Again!   Just a little clue to where CJ our police co-ordinator is today…down in Dover. Adding to her library of being photographed with men in blue! ( this is an earlier photograph from years ago…expect more recent ones from today later!) Also on googling photos came up with this photo on the […]

Jayne’s Journal…

Expect sporadic service this afternoon! As Wales play Scotland! Phone will be on ansafone but all messages will be answered when I am able to press pause on the match! Could be an interesting game as 12 of the Welsh National squad are unable to play because of injury….so relying on playing with 10 members […]

David versus Goliath…

Great excitement at DogLost HQ in Newport today…Our tiny stadium is hosting Tottenham Hotspurs playing Newport county…as you can see quite a small “stadium”. After the surprise of Newport knocking Leeds united out of the FA cup a few weeks ago…expectations are high! What can the visitors expect from Newport? watch here…A musical guide on […]

Jaynes Journal.

Another busy week!  Lovely to welcome new faces onto the blog …looking forward to updates on Pup our DogLost sponsored Lurcher. Also in the pipeline is a dogLost LICKS award rossette…my idea of a rossette which  I ran up in felt (photo1) has been transformed into (photo2) by  Karen our area volunteer for West London….who […]

Tales from admin.

Custody cases…Where do I start?  The Bane of admin and co-ordinators!…we must get around 12 or more a month! One of the partners registers their dog as missing ( we have no idea its a partnership issue)…we send out alerts …then get a very angry person ringing saying that person  knows where the dog is…Its […]

Jaynes Journal.

Well what fantastic news to wake upto day that Morse is back home!  A lot of happy people but none as happy as his  young owner!  Thank you owner for the lovely photos which can be viewed on Morse’s tile….within 1 hour of the news over 2,000  extra page views on Doglost…which shows how many […]

Jaynes Journal.

At last an update from admin! Sorry for delay but its been very busy with  dogs over the festive season. 46 missing dogs in on 1st January alone!  40 the day before! Normally its busy with 20 dogs a day!…But when it reaches 46 then I am still literally in my dressing gown all day […]

Waking up…

Not exactly a quiet day yesterday…still had 32 missing dogs alone come in but at least no phone calls during the  night to wake me up! so feeling a bit more in the land of the living today. Also the callers that rang in the early hours of yesterday morning did not leave a telephone […]

The photo says it all…

…I could sleep forever after Yesterday…40 missing dogs alone as well as found dogs and sightings. The phone did not stop all day and went 6 times during the night!  I mean really? what can I do at 3.15am in the morning that cant wait till  7am? Mind you today due to interrupted sleep and […]

Jaynes Journal.

These dogs dont seem to know  its Christmas!  20 naughty pooches went missing yesterday disrupting their families Christmas day.  7  back on the same day  and am sure the others will be snuggled up with finders and be back today or tomorrow when the dog wardens are back at work….I will pick my favourite 2 […]

Jaynes journal.

Oh Wow!  Just had a surprise delivery see photo above!…How lovely! Thank you to who ever sent it! Also lovely to see NickyB on the blog and at the same time to have a Christmas card from you with another very kind donation to help missing dogs! Thanks both! Been roped into a 7am radio […]

Jaynes journal.

Sorry for late posting! Not a lot of dogs in today …but loads of phone calls! I intended to do my Christmas shopping today…but never happened! I am glad to see the blog is getting how we want it to be! And coming soon above the catergory list will be two fixed tiles for Thunderclaps […]

Tales from Admin…

My Head hurts! All my co-ordinators know my least favourite phone call is one that  after I have picked up the phone and  replied DogLost and asked how I can help…The person ringing responds with  ” Well its like this like”…..you would be surprised how many I get! Firstly… never been able to work out […]