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Yesterday at second chance rescue in Swanley Kent

Yesterday I was down in Swanley, Kent with Wayne May and the  wonderful John and his volunteers at second chance rescue to film a “tester” for possible participation in an upcoming TV series. The producer suggested we should have dogs in the take…Well they took over and thoroughly enjoyed themselves!  ( never presume Pugs are […]

Update from admin…Shrewsbuy dog event 7th April

You have guessed it by the  photo…It was windy! A very well attended show with lots of concern shown for missing dogs.  Amongst the 100’s of visitors to t he stand was Teddy’s owner and his mum ( Photo above.) https://doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=135109 The stand next to us was manned by Willows owner and friends. https://doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=134537 A […]

A nice surprise!

Well after a little over a Year the Doglost blog has come in as the 8th busiest dog related blog in the country!  We are now going for the number 1 spot! So please share this blog with other dog owners and we can continue to keep you up to date with dog news and […]

Update from admin.

Yesterday was up in London with the crew presenting the dog theft  reform petition to Number 10. And afterwards enjoyed a drink on the terrace at Westminster.

Update from HQ…

As you can see was at a very windy Ragley hall game fair on Saturday….So sorry for no updates on the blog yesterday….did you miss me? I certainly miss The green grass! Thank you Wayne for travelling up to do the interview with me…And Alison for taking the phones and running admin for me. Getting […]

Escaped to the country for filming

Sorry for late blog updates as was out filming with Field sports TV. Was lovely to get out of HQ and see our beautiful countryside…Special thanks to Aaron the  camera man from field sports TV…Pleasure to work with you! Look forward to seeing you next week at the national game fair at Ragley hall! Aaron […]

Update from HQ

Another busy week at HQ.  This week I will be filming on Thursday with Field sport channel TV and on the same day Wayne May will be filming with  Country File and the show will feature reunited Snuggles! On Saturday 28th July Myself and hopefully Wayne will have a 1/2 hour slot at the national […]

Update from HQ

Wow what a roller coaster day yesterday going from despair to elation …From learning the debate did not go in favour of a change in the re classification of dog theft…to learning a member put forward the proposed bill in the chamber and was voted through …everyone said yea no one said nay! so roll […]

Update from HQ

Well I  asked my mother to take a photo of the tshirts I have had printed for the all important day tomorrow…and you guessed completely obliterated by the Holly hock! Will have another attempt later… So looking forward to the Big day tomorrow starting with DogLost members CJ,LisaP,Wayne and myself together with SAMPA members and […]

Work being done this weekend on the DogLost site and blog.

Some may have already noticed that we have started to uniform the site by “squaring off ” the curves and uniforming the colours…still lots to go on the site and blog…New coding being written..hopefully not too much disruption to service as usual. Jayne

Police visit HQ.

Firstly brilliant news that the petition has reached target! And yes about the photo taken yesterday afternoon…being very busy the last week I have prioritised sending alerts out and adding emailed dogs details to site before I make the list longer by answering the phone. As soon as I am up to date I then […]

Jayne’s journal… on a roll!

Where do I begin? so much good news to share! Lets start with the great news that since I last did Jayne’s Blog we have had 3 longtime stolen dogs back!    Especially looking forward to reading Holtz’s story in the Star tomorrow! ( thanks to our guest journalist Rachel Spencer) The media interest has […]

Media frenzy!!!!

Gosh so many calls /emails  from the National  press…..Radio stations etc….Thank you Wayne  May (Artisan rescue and our nominated member of SAMPA)  for stepping up to the mark ( as always)…And Lisap for helping with  sending out the alerts. So I can concentrate on trying to clear my in box….which I am woefully behind with! […]

Spam,spam and more spam…

This morning I woke up to 38 outstanding emails to be actioned in Admin and a further 280 in spam…( since last night) All of which need checking as usually I find some that were destined for Admin rather than spam. Is this normal? I now have another 50 in….AAAAAAH! I am not having a […]

Tales from HQ.

Apologies for a long overdue posting….so many dogs,cats and last week what happened ? even 4 Parrots!…Yesterday alone 42 missing pets in and over 5,000 alerts sent out to local helpers…to put it mildly I am pretty exhausted! Even got to the stage yesterday of putting umlily  down as the name of a missing cat! […]

Jayne’s journal.

Lovely to meet up with LisaP central co-ordinator again….Lisa popped into HQ on her way to pick up her son from university in Cardiff….Was able to drop off a box off cards and fliers for the central team. My new scheme this week is to grow catnip….my plugs and seeds arrived yesterday so have been […]

Jayne’s journal.

A long over due update from HQ…sorry …as I always say what a week( or in this case 2 weeks!). So much has been happening! Firstly welcome to Rachel  a proffessional journalist our new guest blogger who will be providing us with various articles about dogs she is writing for magazines and newspapers…At last I […]

Jayne’s journal

Another busy week!  So many great reunited dogs and we are awaiting photos for another  DogLost LICKS awardee in the Manchester area. Well done to the North West DogLost team for collaborating with local groups, dog wardens and rescues to enhance the chances of dogs being reunited (and cats!…   increasing weekly) Huge apologies to people […]

Anyone ever tried to speak to a real person on Sky helpline?

I am at my wits end!!!!  As phone and internet down had to purchase a mobile phone to call them…then after many many hours either get told to go to their website…( hello am ringing to say no service!) or they ask me to put in the number I am calling about and then ( […]

Wanted your videos.

Another exciting developement! DogLost is setting up its own ” channel” on Youtube.  Please send any video appeals for missing doglost dogs, Reunions,rescues ( I know we have some dramatic ones floating around!)  and links to any TV programmes we have been on…if you cant find the links refresh us with which programme and approx […]