Cash and Lilah reunited.

Lovely to see!  Thank you owners for the reunited  photo!…you must be so happy!

Thanks Scott for the interview you did for drive time BBC Cumbria. …and fellow dog lovers /walkers roped in for this rescue…Apparently  I hear some of the  people were off duty fire brigade?…..I dont do FB…but people email me.

Whoever you are well done!

The FB group that Jan (NW co-ordinator) contacted (amongst many)…is …We love Cumbria and the Lake District…Thats how Scott heard about these dogs plight…and rescued them!



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    Karen Harding 3 years ago

    Great photo!! x

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    Scott Pilling 3 years ago

    Good to see you all back together ladies!

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    Scott Pilling 3 years ago

    Thank you for all the warm comments! I’m truly blown away by the love I have had since doing this.
    Every single one of you and lots others are too kind! Remember it was, in the end, a team effort and I couldn’t have got the dogs on my own.
    Every one of the strangers played their part in this rescue.
    I know I might have done all the rest and i’m glad I did.
    Its great to see Cash and Lilah back home where they should be.
    Big hugs to you all x

    Scott x

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