Can dogs eat strawberries, watermelon, apple and other fruit?

Dogs are not known to be fussy eaters, on the whole. But sadly not everything agrees with them, including chocolate (which is probably for the best with regard to their waistlines). However, before rushing to feed your pet healthy fruit instead, let it be known that not even all fruits are good for el puppo. Dogs munching watermelon may be an internet trend, but is it good for them? What about strawberries, apples, and other fruits? Let’s find out.

Watermelon is okay for a dog to eat. In fact, it’s a great snack because it’s full of water and vitamins without loads of calories. BUT you must remove the watermelon seeds before feeding the dog, as those seeds can cause intestinal blockages. Also, do not let them chew on the rind because that can cause gastrointestinal upset. The same goes for cantaloupe which is good for your dog as long as you ensure they can’t choke on the seeds or chew the rind.

dog sniffing strawberry on dining table.

Strawberries are also fine for your dog. Cut them up into small chunks so your canine friend can consume them easily without choking. For small dogs, you could mash or puree the strawberries. BUT don’t feed dogs tinned strawberries or strawberries in syrup. They are not good for them. The same goes for the humble peach, which (once you’ve removed the stone and cut it up) is fine for a dog, BUT you should not feed them syrupy canned peaches.

Blueberries, apples (without the seeds or the core), chopped frozen bananas (without the peel, and in moderation), pineapples (minus any prickly bits), and oranges (with all peel and seeds removed) are also fine to feed a dog. Pears without their seeds, a small bowl of rasberries, and mangoes with the stone cut out are alright in small doses but not often as they contain traces of chemicals which are toxic to dogs. But dogs should NOT be eating fruits like avocados, cherries, grapes and tomatoes. They may all have potentially severe effects on your dog’s health.


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