Bulldog obsessed with The Lion King breaks hearts with reaction to death of Mufasa

A dog who is obsessed with The Lion King has become a TikTok star.

Owner Carly Pither, 33, says one-year-old Bruce fell in love with big cats while watching a wildlife documentary.

The Lion King has become his favourite film and he has now watched the Disney classic hundreds of times.

His reaction to the death of Simba’s dad Mufasa – hopping while barking at the TV – has been viewed one million times on TikTok.

Bruce, one, appears to empathise with the lion cub on screen (Image: Carly Pither / SWNS)

Carly said: “He’s obsessed with it. When Mufasa dies he reacts the same way every time.

“It is like he knows what’s happening. He’s mesmerised by it and will sit and watch as long as it’s on.

“We have got to the point where if we want to watch something else on the TV we have to play it for him on our phones.

Bruce reacts as he watches the famous scene (Image: Carly Pither / SWNS)

“If he’s playing up we’ll put it on and he completely pauses. It stops him from tearing up the furniture.”

Assistant nurse Carly and her partner, electrician Alfie Paterson, 32, say Bruce has become a local celebrity in their hometown of Northampton.

Carly added: “Kids from our street have been knocking on the door asking to play with him on the lawn.

Owner Carly Pither, 33, with her TikTok star pooch Bruce (Image: Carly Pither / SWNS)

“He’s mischievous but a well mannered and loveable dog.

“People are quite surprised when they see how he reacts to the lions and say it’s fantastic. The comments on Tik Tok say he’s amazing.

“An American woman asked if all English dogs do this – but I’m pretty sure they don’t and Bruce is rather unique.”

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