British animal lovers are giving cannabis oil to their pets – even though it is illegal

Thousands of UK animal lovers are treating their pets with cannabis based products after seeing the positive effects it can have – despite the fact it is not yet legal to do so. From today (November 1) doctors can prescribe people medical cannabis products but can reveal there is a thriving community of animal lovers already giving their pets cannabidiol (CBD). American firms are poised to sell cannabis-infused dog food, shampoo, rubs, lotions, oils and medicines to UK pet owners but the government is refusing to sanction their sale.

However, there is a huge array of cannabis oil products for human consumption in the UK and people are administering them to their pets – usually without advice from vets. Canadian vet Dr Katherine Kramer, from Vancouver Animal Wellness Hospital, first tested CBD on an elderly cat six years ago and is now a wordwide authority on the subject. She said: ‘Some of my cases have been nothing short of a miracle. An elderly cat, aged about 18, who had multiple issues pancreatitis, arthritis, heart disease, kidney disease and we were keeping him comotose on conventional medicines. ‘He was miserable and facing euthanasia. However, his owner said he wanted to try CBD, I had not thought of that before and said it was worth a shot because we have nothing to lose. ‘Within a few days he was eating, and getting back to his normal self, he ended up living another two years, two good years as well.’ She added: ‘Now, there is a still a lot of confusion concerning CBD and pets, and I know a lot of pet owners use them without telling their vet. ‘But please tell your vet first. I tell people the side effects and where to get safe CBD for animals.’ Dr Kramer warned about pet owners mistakenly giving their animals products which include the active ingredient THC, which gets people and animals high. She added: ‘THC is absolutely toxic to animals, so people have to use the right products, they have to be CBD.’ Dee, who has two rescue dogs called Garvey and Phoenix, believes using cannabis oil has made both animals a lot healthier, helping with anxiety and calming them down.

She said: ‘Phoenix, our black Labrador, was a former bitch in an Irish puppy farm and she has really bad anxiety. She has no trust in people, especially men, and had half her teeth knocked out at one point. ‘There are loads of really helpful groups on Facebook concerning CBD oil and when I started giving Phoenix CBD oil her anxiety got a lot better. And with Garvey, our Weimaraner, he is going through his terrible twos and can be a bit of a pest. CBD calms him down.’ Lee, whose French Bulldog Herbert suffers with a skin condition on his face and arthritis, swears by cannabis products after months of failing to get a cure at the various vets across the West Midlands. He said: ‘I kept on going back and forth to different vets for different creams and lotions for his skin problem but it kept on getting worse. I did not like all the chemicals which seemed to be in these medicines either. ‘I was told about CBD oil, which I know is natural, and did some research. I give him a few drops for his arthritis and I’ve got some cannabis cream for his face. ‘Now I have a very happy Herbert.’


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