Britains favourite dog breeds ITV.

On ITV yesterday evening with presenters Ben Fogle and Sarah Cox.

Anybody watch this last night? I found it very interesting ( and of course we all love seeing clips of dogs)…I almost got the top 5 correct going by the breeds reported to us as missing…was surprised that the French bulldog was not in the top 5…but although it came in as number 31 the presenters did say it was due to be number one most popular breed by next year…And if replaced in the top 5 by a crossbreed …well thats good.

Amazed to see that around 25% were “designer dogs” What does everyone think of this?

If you missed it view here…

Top 10 most popular dogs…

  1. Labrador retriever.
  2. Cross breed.
  3. Jack russell.
  4. staffordshire bull terrier.
  5. Border collie.
  6. Cocker spaniel.
  7. cockerpoo.
  8. German Shepherd.
  9. English Springer spaniel.
  10. Cavalier King Charles.


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