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For those of you not on Facebook, we are involved in this ‘DogZoom’ online Rally next Sunday. Anyone can sign up

This is our post on DogLost Facebook group’ll put the text and Ticket link below tooCalling all pet owners and your pets; join us for the World’s first ever live DogZoom event from the comfort of your own home hosted by Emma Kennedy.Our pets need us more than ever, as pet theft continues to rise so we are co-hosting an online rally, on Dog Theft Awareness Day which will kickstart National Pet Theft Awareness Week.Join us to hear real life experiences from victims of pet theft, advice from experts on how to protect your pets, ways you can get involved and help make a change and there’s messages from surprise, pet-loving celebrities and politicians too.

Pets are still seen as property or a possession that can be easily be replaced. We disagree with this; our pets are irreplaceable and valued members of our families. They are loved, cherished, unique sentient beings.So if you care about protecting your pets and you’re concerned about the increase in pet theft, join us for the World’s first ever DogZoom event and sign up below. your pets are welcome

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