Boy, 7, bursts into tears after being given puppy by grandparents

This is the emotional moment a little boy met his new puppy for the very first time. Jensen, seven, had had ‘a horrible week’ before his grandparents surprised him with the brand new pet, now named Buddy. His mum, Rebecca Sparkle Browne, said he had been ‘in tears again’ when leaving school and that coming home to the dog had ‘made his week’. She said: ‘I couldn’t ask for a better Mum and Dad and Jensen certainly couldn’t ask for better grandparents! ‘He’s absolutely buzzing and can’t wait to sleep at Nan’s tomorrow to play with his “Buddy”.’

In a video uploaded to Rebecca’s social media, Jensen can be seen coming home in his school uniform with his mum. He then spots a box in the middle of the room and is told to open it by his grandparents, one of whom is filming.

Opening the box, he realises it contains and puppy and immediately runs over to his Nana to give her a hug – and promptly bursts into tears. He’s then handed the dog by his mum and is completely overwhelmed with emotion as he cuddles and strokes him. The puppy is then named Buddy after ‘Buddy the elf’ and Jensen introduces him to his family.

He tells the dog: ‘So Buddy, this is my mummy, and this is my grandad who is taking the video of you, and this is my Nana. ‘I am Jensen, your bestest friend now.’

His new pet then snuggles up to him and licks his hand and the youngster tells him he already loves him ‘loads’. Buddy will live with grandparents but Jensen will be able to visit him whenever he likes. The video has already been shared more than 2,000 times, with numerous people commenting that it brought tears to their eyes.

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