Border collie survives rough seas for hour and a half after dragged out by tide

Owner Sharon Haworth, 42, said her three-year-old Red was saved by coastguards who swam out to rescue him at Knott End beach near Blackpool.

A terrified border collie struggling to survive in rough seas for an hour and a half was saved from drowning by the coastguard.

Runaway Red was spotted at the beach before being caught out by the tide and dragged out to sea.

But before the owners could catch up with the escapee, he was dragged 400 metres into deep waters.

His owner Sharon Haworth, 42, watched in desperation as the dog was pulled out further and further into the sea.

The coastguard were alerted but it was decided the waves were too huge for the RNLI boat to attempt a rescue.

So two coastguard volunteers put on dry suits and attached to a rope swam out to rescue the “exhausted” and almost “lifeless” canine.

The three-year-old dog managed to stay afloat just long enough for the coastguard personnel to reach him and carry him back to shore.

Firefighters then placed an oxygen mask over the shivering pet’s muzzle to keep him alive.

He was given emergency treatment at a local vets where he was put on heat pads and given drugs to get rid of the sea water in his lungs.

Sharon, a farmer, said: “It was horrendous watching Red get taken further and further out to sea.

“In the end I couldn’t even see him. He’s a really lucky boy to have survived because it was very cold and he was out there for such a long time.

“It was still touch and go at the vets, the woman told me that he might not make it.”

She added: “The coastguard were absolutely incredible. For them to take such a big risk to go swim out to sea that far is amazing. They saved his life.”

Sharon said when she realised Red had gone missing she spent the whole evening searching for him with her husband Ian.

After posting in a community Facebook group someone got in touch to say they had spotted Red on Knott End beach in Blackpool, a mile and a half from the couple’s home.

Sharon went to the beach on Saturday at midday and found her pet but when she approached him he retreated further into the sea, before the tide caught him.

Fleetwood and Knott End coastguard teams as well as Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service (LFRS) teams were called to the scene.

Two coastguard rescue officers wearing dry suits, life jackets and safety lines entered the water.

After being brought back to shore fire fighters used an oxygen mask on the exhausted dog.

After four hours at the vets Red was allowed home and has since made a full recovery.

An LFRS spokesman said: “It was a happy ending for Red and his owners, but with the weather remaining unsettled we are urging dog walkers to stay safe.



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