Border collie rescues owner.

A real-life Lassie rescued her stricken owner after she collapsed and got tangled up in brambles.

Val Smith avoided disaster when her clever border collie Bonnie acted on natural instincts and raced to get help.

The 75-year-old owner had got tangled up in brambles on a walk in the woods, the Plymouth Herald reports.

Val was out for the day walking in Widey Woods, Plymouth, when she took a few wrong turns, ended up on a different path and got overwhelmed by thick, gnarly shrubs.

Stressed, disorientated and lost, Val didn’t know what to do.And the panic set in further as she watched her eight-year-old border collie race off out of sight – while her other dog Snoopy circled in distress.

Val feared she’d lost Bonnie forever. But what happened next was truly amazing.

Val said: “When my Collie vanished I thought, ‘oh God, someone will pinch her’.

“But then after a while I heard some voices.

“I tried to break away at the branches that were all tied up around me.

Bonnie encountered two local teachers who happened to be out walking, who sensed something was wrong as soon as they saw her.

They followed Bonnie down winding paths before leading them to Val – who was astonished her beloved pet had returned – and with help in tow.

“[The people that came to save me] said they saw a Collie run along towards them on their own, and that they thought it was strange.

“She was beckoning for them to come with her.

“So they followed her; 500 yards are so and then they heard this cracking noise, and could hear me through the brambles.

“They then got me out, took me home and gave me a nice cup of tea and some biscuits.”

Val said she’d love to track back down the teachers who raced to her aid. And she’s astonished by her dog’s loyalty.

“I feels that she loves me,” she said.

“She didn’t just run off anywhere and sit down; she went to get someone, and to think it was quite far away from anywhere as well.”


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