B&M is selling sun loungers for dogs so you can both chill in the garden

We humans love a bit of sunbathing. But we wouldn’t just lie on the floor or the grass unless something was covering our backs. So why should our doggos have to rest on grassy bits of earth and risk getting parasites? So, B&M has a solution to that. The retailer is selling sun loungers for dogs so your beloved pet can cool off during the summer. The Barkhaus raised dog bed will have your canine pal lounging right beside you and looking cool at the same time. You can choose between two different colours – green and grey. And it’s all for a neat price too, available for a mere £14.99 and measures 129cm x 80cm. Pet owners have been raving about the product on Facebook page Extreme Couponing and Bargainings UK. It seems a much better option than forking out close to a hundred quid – the price for some other dog beds.

You can use the bed inside or outside and it’s designed to help your dog maintain their body temperature. It’ll also mean they won’t bring in all the dirt home with them when they tire of being outside. One person who bought the item posted on Facebook with a glowing recommendation. She wrote: ‘£15 from B&M. Friends have paid £69 for beds just like these.. and so far they seem fab.’ The post has so far received more than a thousand comments.


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