Blaze is a tearaway but I still love him

MEET Britain’s most destructive dog who shredded a £2,500 sofa in just 90 minutes – but has adorable and distinctive eyebrows that make him “too cute to stay mad at”. Eight-month-old Blaze seems hell-bent on tearing up every item he can lay his paws on in Kelly Davidson’s home in Kilsyth, Lanarkshire.

The mischievous American bulldog has ripped up letters, toilet rolls, makeup, a mattress and a leather bedframe.

But Blaze’s latest endeavour saw him sneak into the living room to devour the couch.

The rascal’s destructive abilities are so impressive that he pulled the striped grey sofa, inset, apart between Ms Davidson, 38, popping to the hairdressers at 11am and her son Cameron Davidson, 19, waking up at 12.30pm.

But the home care worker says she wouldn’t have Blaze any other way as she can buy a new sofa but such gentle giant of a dog is “priceless”.

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