Best trained dogs in the world?

Recommended by majorjet…In her words…

WOW WOW WOW absolutely amazing performance.  Such fantastic control over so many dogs at once.  Brilliant the way they all sit on their own base waiting for their turn.  Best dog act have ever seen.

HATS OFF to their young owner and all her dogs.  Only seen it by chance.

Jan (Majorjet)

NW DogLost Co-ordinator

Alexa won the golden buzzer on Britians Got Talent last night from Ant and Dec…what do you think? watch it here…



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    nickyb 1 year ago

    flipping thro the channels just caught this unbelievably happy funny adorable amazing young girl with her wonderful dog team. will watch this over and over and over. best bit is knowing this was only achieved by patience kindness and rewards

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    Jane Frankland 1 year ago

    Watched it sat night – Thank goodness got the golden buzzer as the way the others get to be placed is no longer by public vote only from audience.
    The act was brilliant and deserves to be in the final – in fact to win over all!!

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    Jan Major (Majorjet) 1 year ago

    Only seen the performance by accident. The link I originally sent for her is only a highlighted version. Found out when showing a family member, did resend the updated link would of been great for others to see it. Their young owner well deserved the golden buzzer. Look forward to seeing them again.

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