Coronavirus: Sniffer dogs trial going ‘very well’

A trial to see whether dogs can detect coronavirus is going “very well”, according to the charity behind it. Six dogs are being trained by Medical Detection Dogs in Milton Keynes. Claire Guest, the charity’s co-founder and chief executive, said the dogs were already showing signs that they would be able to sniff out the […]

The Skills That Emotional Service Dogs Can Learn from Service Dogs

As you may be aware, emotional service dogs aren’t required to be trained. This is because, for the most part, ESAs are meant to help their humans feel calmer and more at ease in their presence. Rarely are they required to intervene with their human’s behavior in some way. Despite this, it is a good […]

Fern’s Reunion – A Recall of Events By Her Owner (#FernsLaw)

Standing in the kitchen, just about to start dinner on an ordinary Wednesday evening. I looked over at my phone and could see a voicemail message had appeared. That’s strange I thought, I never heard it ring. I dialled the number to retrieve the message and nestled the phone to my ear, right hand rooting […]