Australia’s most popular dog breeds have been revealed – and there’s not an ‘oodle’ in sight!

While parks across the country are filled with stylish designer dogs and purebreds it’s been revealed that Australians really love a ‘bitsa’.

New data from, the national rental listings website, has revealed a snapshot of dog ownership from renters across the country.

The data showed that mixed-breeds are the most popular choice for dog owners, with a huge 35% of hounds belonging to that category.

They’re followed by staffies, who make up 8.9% of the pet pie, beating Maltese shih tzus (5.1%) in third place and labradors (3.4%) in fourth.

And although spoodles, labradoodles and cavoodles might be on trend right now, none were to be found within the most common cross-breeds. Instead, the top mixed breed was the staffy-kelpie cross, making up a huge 29% of all ‘bitsas’.

They were followed by a kelpie-border collie cross at 17% and a Bull Arab-staffy cross at 12.2%.


1. Mixed (35%)

2. Staffy (8.9%)

3. Maltese shih tzu (5.1%)

4. Labrador (3.4%)

5. Jack Russell (2.8%)

6. Border collie (2.8%)

7. Chihuahua (2.6%)

8. American staffy (2.5%)

9. Kelpie (2.3%)

10. English staffy (2.3%)



1. Staffy x kelpie (29%)

2. Kelpie x border collie (17%)

3. Bull Arab x staffy (12.2%)

4. Maltese x Shih Tzu (11%)

5. Border collie x kelpie (9.1%)

6. Mastiff x staffy (8.5%)

7. Boxer x staffy (4%)

8. Jack Russell x pug (3.2%)

9. Labrador x rottweiler (3%)

10. German shepherd x rottweiler (3%)


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