August – Volunteer of the Month

I am delighted to be able to offer this award to Claire Gresty! Claire works tirelessly (day and night) to help get the dogs home and supports every volunteer with any problems or worries they may have. She also provides exemplary leadership skills which helps the North West team strive & work well together. In addition to this, Claire (simply put) is the friendliest & funniest person to work alongside and is a credit to DogLost! ❤️

Here’s what the DogLost North West team had to say about Claire:

For the DogLost Volunteer of the Month award I’d like to nominate, someone that puts her heart and soul into every aspect of DogLost and helping owners of lost and stolen pets.

I’ve known Claire Gresty for probably around 5 years now through my voluntary work with lost and found pets, and it’s not until recently that I’ve found out what she does on a day to day basis…she’s been an excellent mentor, she’s compassionate and a constant source of reassurance for her team and more importantly the owners.

As a “newbie” she’s allowed me the confidence to get on with things, offering sound advice when needed. She’s a small cog in a big wheel but she definitely plays a huge part in keeping that wheel turning. ❤️

Jonathan Howarth, Area Volunteer – Lancashire

What can I say about Claire, firstly I have known Claire for about 9 years, she is shy girl but has a passion for animals and helping getting them home! Over the years, I have watched her grow in strength day by day, she has an amazing rapport with everyone she comes across & I love her strength, her personality, but most of all her amazing heart!

She takes every new volunteer under wing and helps them every step of the way. At first, DogLost can be very daunting, however as a leader Claire calms you down and is always there for you as a shoulder to cry on, not only at DogLost but also as a friend.

Claire I love you for the beautiful lady you are and I am proud to be on the same team as you! I think you deserve this as a thank you for all your dedication, help and understanding you have given me whilst I have been on the DogLost North West team. ❤️

Jay Chambers, Area Co-ordinator – Manchester

Claire…I first heard of Claire many years ago through the shared love of helping reunite dogs with their owners! To me, DogLost was and is Claire in the North West.

So when I was asked to join and have Claire as my mentor I was overjoyed! She is an amazing person and her dedication to DogLost, missing dogs and their families is endless! Nothing is too much trouble for her. I am truly inspired by Claire & her dedication to everything! ❤️

Shelley Page, Area Co-ordinator – Manchester

Claire is one of the most kindest & thoughtful people I know and have had the pleasure to know for many years.

Going back Claire (formerly known as ClaireBear) was always very active on DogLost sharing NW dogs on her own group (DogsNorthWestRepost).

We built up a great relationship and I asked her in 2012 to come onboard DogLost as a helper. Claire took a while to finally persuade as she didn’t think she was good enough. Well Claire how wrong you were! Over the years you have and still are proving your weight in gold. You are such a valued member of DogLost especially in the NW team.

You are also well thought of by so many outside of DogLost. The beautiful pictures you share of your four legged family are loved by so many. They are so lucky to have you as their mum.

We don’t get as much time now, to have our chats as we are all so busy and there are not enough hours in the day. I do miss them, we had many long phone calls over the years!

You are always there when needed and a brilliant support to owners while in their search.

Times are hard now juggling home, work and DogLost and you have had your fair share of sad times. The loss of Barry your brother at such a young age was devastating for you and the family. It is clear you had a lovely bond. Then when Jan Lancashire sadly passed away you lost a very good friend and rock. Your support to her family is lovely you are still there for them and like one of the family.

Claire it is an honour to know you and this award is very well deserved. Keep up the great work you are a diamond and highly respected by so many. ❤️

Jan Major, Area Co-ordinator – Merseyside

Claire deserves the award of DogLost Volunteer of the Month to show our appreciation for her dedication and commitment to DogLost and everything it throws at you! She is professional and most definitely knows her stuff! Claire is friendly and approachable for us as team members as well as distraught owners and volunteers from other groups. She makes everyone feel at ease.

Claire works so hard to ensure everyone is okay and supports us all to be the best we can. Claire, you are hilariously funny and keep us all laughing. Thank you for all your support and guidance, you’re a star. ❤️

Gemma Hardbarker, Area Co-ordinator – Wigan


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