Artisan update…sad victims of the heatwave

Update from the rescue.
It’s been a sad day today, multiple call outs for wildlife and domestic, the first call came in around 11am to a dog in distress, sadly the Staffordshire bull terrier has already passed away before our animal ambulance arrived, despite being walked in a wooded shaded area, the 7 year old dog had succumbed to the heat. Shortly afterwards more calls came in, again another  heat related issue, this time a kestrel had succumbed to today’s extreme heat, fortunately after a short while the kestrel had regained her strength and is recovering well, fingers crossed for a rapid release.
Today’s kestrel  is one of three bird’s of prey to arrive over the past few days, all suffering from heat related issue’s.
Another call to echo this morning’s call, a Japanese akita, not being walked collapsed and passed away within 20 minutes of being in his own garden, a very stressful situation for the owner’s. And again a patterdale terrier succumbed to the heat in similar circumstances, fortunately despite having a small seizure has made a full recovery.
A very sad day indeed, all dog owners must stay vigilant during the hot spell, and look for signs of distress in our dogs.

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