Artisan Rare Breeds Director, Wayne is a hero!

Shoutout for Wayne May and his local animal rescue, Artisan Rare Breeds! Yesterday afternoon an air ambulance landed in a horse field on London Road near Bluewater which subsequently scared all the horse’s. One of the horses became impaled on the fence, the fire brigade were called along with Artisan Rare Breeds director, Wayne. Wayne arrived before all the emergency services and quickly stopped all the traffic, putting his life in danger and safely freed the horse within 15 minutes.  He handled the whole situation calmly and professionally and all in the Dartford Community are very grateful! WHAT A HERO!!

Wayne has been working hard rescuing and looking after animals for many years and right now he needs your donations to help fund for more food for the animals in his care! You can donate via PayPal to or you can contact them to arrange an alternative method of donation. Thank you.


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