Article in the Guardian about dogtheft.

Who is to blame for the designer dognapping crimewave? People like me…

I fell in love with my ugly pug 15 years ago – but with thieves targeting premium pedigrees, my next pet will be a rescue dog.

Dog owners tend to worry about their pets a whole lot. Are they spending too much time on their own? Do they get enough exercise? Did the little sod manage to eat that entire box of chocolates, inevitably leading to a late-night trip to the vet? I refuse to believe there’s a dog owner in the land who hasn’t spent a night in canine A&E – and who has never forgotten or forgiven the subsequent bill. Does a cat bring this much panic with it?

And now there’s another thing to worry about: dog theft is on the rise. A recent Freedom of Information request to UK police forces showed that on average, five dogs a day were stolen in 2017 – a rise of 7%. That increase is attributed to our growing love of “designer dogs” – fashionable pedigrees with large price tags. Despite the precautions owners take – such as microchipping their pets – our canine family members are increasingly at risk from those looking to sell them on for a quick profit or, in some horrifying cases, for dog fighting.

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